Will you participate in medication lawsuit if

If there is a lawsuit going on for the side effect of your med, will you participate. I think its a good idea to participate, so that pharmaceutical companies will come out with better medication. I think they have a better formula but they are trying to make money on the current once for now… Everything works the same way. Like the cars, there is always a concept cars but they want to make money on current cars…so if there is a lot of lawsuit going on i think med. companies will put forward the new once.

I wouldn’t. Side effects come with the territory and I’ve made informed choices about the medications I take. Unless it was an extreme, potentially lethal, side effect that was covered up. Otherwise I’d guess it’s just another money making scheme from a lawyer.


I think in order for a lawsuit to hold much weight it would have to be for side affects that the manufacturer was aware of, that can be proven they were aware of, and was not listed in the list of side affects. If it’s a side affect that is listed then I don’t think there is anything to sue them for. I’m guessing that’s why they list pretty much any and all possible side affects. Although I could be completely wrong.


You’re completely right, Barbie. A suit can only be filed for adverse side effects that the patient couldn’t reasonably make an informed decision to risk experiencing.

Often, these lawsuits come out years after the medication comes to market. And are either a result of FDA investigations or private research studies.




There are class action lawsuits taking place against drug companies. I am quite informed on what these meds do and how they affect us with side effects. I know these meds have unwanted side effects, the bad side effects come with the territory I guess

I think the med companies would do like lily did with a zyprexa law suit- raise the drug’s price to make up for what they lost in the law suit + way above that amount so they could get richer and richer. It’s the American way.