Will you help me with my predjudice?

I’m prejudiced about Hollanders. I guess I just think they’re extreme. Are any of you of Dutch descent? maybe you can help me.

Hell, wooden shoes, funny hats, tulips. What’s there not to like?

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Come on…dutch people.

What bothers you about Hollanders?

Weren’t you assaulted by someone from holland? There might be a PTSD component to your prejudice. Exposure therapy could help. Getting to know and spend time with more Hollanders and realizing they’re not going to hurt you.

That’s right, his surname was Dutch. I was even suspicious of people who mentioned a fraction of Dutch ancestry. My excuse is that they live with the fear of the ■■■■ breaking (or someone breaking it) and can never find peace. But maybe that’s just me wanting vengeance.

Can you go to therapy about this? A trauma specialist should help you be able to work past this.

Yes. I have a clinician who does therapy with me. I will mention it to her.

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@77nick77 hey, now! I love me some tulips lol

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@chordy don’t feel bad. I have past trauma that has negatively impacted my attraction to certain men. And certain colored cars.

You CAN get through it. It may hurt like heck, but I believe that you can do THIS!

The Swiss really push my buttons. Those conceited, chocolate making, boot peddling, watch making, neutral jerks. I mean c’mon, pick a side already. You know you secretly want to invade Germany or France or whatever other country you can lull into thinking you’re harmless. And then BOOM! They’re stabbed in the back with a corkscrew on a cheap red Army knife.

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Nick, thanks for a mental picture of the corkscrew in the back lolol

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I don’t think I have any prejudices, all colours of people have treated me badly

Don’t mention it. It was either that or a pair of scissors that are so tiny that they’re unusable.

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