Will you expose your secrets or take them to the grave?

I’ve been thinking more about my grandpa who passed recently.

I had soooo many questions about his strange, twisted life.

He was extremely odd and mysterious.

For about ten solid years my mother and aunts were convinced he was the Zodiac Killer.

I wish he had cleared the air before he died.

He knew he was dying and could have.

I think it’s a little unfair that he left us with so many unanswered questions,

But it was his life, his choice.

Still frustrating.


I’ve got secrets I’ll take to the grave. :coffin:


You’ll be dead!

What does it matter?

I mean, if it would help someone else better understand their life,

Would you do it then?


I think one of my secrets would cause more harm than good if it was ever revealed.


That’s fair.

I wish it were that way with my grandpa.

It feels like he just didn’t share to kind of give us a final middle finger.

Not trying to spare our feelings.


I am pretty open about things to close family members.

But ultimately there are a couple of things I may never share as it would be of little interest to others.

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If my parents die before me, there will be no one left to tell…

I am leaving my estate to the local cats home.

Don’t like cats either


I don’t think I have any secrets that are important to share. So I’ll probably die with them.

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I’ll never let anyone know that I like to dress up like Mary Poppins on the weekends and sing “Spoonful of sugar” while dancing around the house.


Lol. Just kidding. I don’t really have a whole lot of secrets to expose.


Nope. Figuring out their own life is their problem.

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Ice cold!




Im not sure but im going expose Roberts secrets here heheheheh

Robert loves ninjas.

And exerpt:

Ninjas are sooooooooooo sweet that I want to crap my pants. I can’t believe it sometimes, but I feel it inside my heart.

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I have no secrets plus I have no one to tell

“Pass along what you have learned” -yoda


If anyone has read my posts they would know I can’t stop talking about them lmao.

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Nah i spilled my secrets while psychotic and people just laughed.

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I have secrets but my wife knows everything about me…she’s my anchor of support over those things that used to bother me…it doesn’t bother me now…

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