Will try Sarcosine Soon, anyone else with Negative Symptoms try it?

Thanks dude. You guessed it 200 mg of htp pretty much every day.

Yeah it’d be nice to get lost in good thoughts like I always used to do.

Now I just got this same bland feeling and some pretty terrible shallow redundant thoughts. They don’t really have an effect on me as a person but I do feel pretty uncomfortable having these words in my mind. Almost to the point of getting suicidal.

Anyways that’s the illness for you.

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I feel you SoitGoes, I get thoughts like your worthless or you can’t do something… It’s so hard to keep things positive. I used to think these thoughts had no effect on me, but it takes so much energy to change and ignore these thoughts. I’m fed up. I told my doctor about the symptoms, she says things will get better with medication. But I’ve been on meds for 2 years now!

SoitGoes, do you take meds other than 5HTP? I take abilify, and risperdal.

Respiridone. Pretty low dose to prevent side effects. Nothing changed as I lowered the dose. Even at 16 mg invega I was highly symptomatic.

Sarcosine sounds like the only thing I might add to the regiment.

Gonna get back in with the docs in a month or to and ill reevaluate things then.

I hate to be dependent on things that cost me money. Otherwise I might try an anti anxiety med and see if that greases the wheels.

If these people are telepathic they got me right where they want me. (Delusional) two years of being mind ■■■■■■ and I’m totally disconnected from the person I was. I don’t really think of the past or future. I don’t think about people. I’m stuck just ruminating over all the terrible ■■■■ I keep saying/hearing in my mind. It just won’t ■■■■■■■ stop. All I can really do is learn to not give a ■■■■. But I don’t really like that idea I used to have such a strong mind.

Blah blah blah

So it goes.

I’m eager to try it. Right now I am trying to work out the financial aspect of it. I’ll give a report shortly after I put it into my daily med. regimen.

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It was interesting to note that in this most recent study that just came out - they used 2 to 4 grams / day:

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I take 4g split into 2g doses,I started off with 2g but I worked up to 4g and it’s working much better now. I’ve been consistently taking sarcosine for about 6 months now and I’m still seeing some improvement, it works great!

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I have tried sarcosine. Did nothing to me. I had flat emotions. Perhaps the quality was not good, althought it was very expensive. Paid too many dollars. Anyway, what really helped me, was studying and reading books. I found a bit of myself again by this, my doctor suggested me that.


I’m gonna try some of this stuff.

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@dmdar how do you measure it? Teaspoon or do you have a scale?

I get the Sarcosine tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow! Will let you guys know how I feel ! :smiley:


I take it in pill form, it’s a product called Profronal which is NAC (N-Acetyl-Cystine) in combination with Sarcosine. Each pill has 1g of Sarcosine in it so I take 4 pills twice a day, it works great.


Where do you buy it? Can you get it online or do you need a prescription? I googled but can’t find anything about it. ty

I buy it in pill form from, you need to order it online as it’s impossible it get it by prescription. There are only 2-3 sources out there in the entire world that you can order it from, one is, the other is, and the 3rd is .


I got the brain vitaminz 180 gram and it’s good quality. Comes with a handy 1 gram scooper (small) … And the taste is almost sugary. Granules are larger than sugar … Similar to margarita salt. Very easy to dissolve into anything and then just drink it. The jarrow sustain 600mg NAC I got was from Amazon is time release and fairly small multi vitamin sized and no taste. No side effects from either so far.


Thank you. I will order on Tuesday when I have some money. I don’t know if it will work for me but if there is a chance it could help, I have to try. :slight_smile: I was on the Brain Vitaminz site but I am going to research on the profrontal because of the addition of NAC… don’t know what that is but if it is a key addition then I might go that way. ty again for your help :slight_smile:

is it a stimulant then?

It’s really not either a stimulant or depressant, it works on the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I can smile and laugh for the first time in years and have started feeling pleasure in day to day activities for the first time in my life. I don’t know what to do with myself! If it doesn’t work at first keep trying, I’ve been on it for a good 6 months and I’m still seeing improvements.


I´ve just ordered it. Hope I will experience the same improvements!

thats amazing :slight_smile:

does it help with sexual side effects like impotence?