Will this work?

Memories are made by how many times you have recollected it.
Only way to forget an issue not to think and talk about it.
Planning to make use of memories well, from being a consumer to seller.


Your Introspection Seems Like It Could Be Very Useful Grasshopper. . .


Take The Ending From Each Thought & Make It The Beginning. . .

And Rotate The New Beginning To Chase The Olde Beginning For A Silver Glistening Bond. . .

Make It Make Inspiration Beyond The First Step Of Inspiration You Have Already Created. . .

Almost A Spiral. . .

But!, Not Quite. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.


Gonna try this :blush:

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You Do Not Will Understand My Formulaic Form Of Bringing Restless Heartbeats Among The Spinning Faculty Of Undeniable Stormy Weather Beyond Indecisive Yearning As The Speculative (???).

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

Makes sense… But was difficult to comprehend


No Worries @Hachi_TheDog, The Well Lit Lamp Of Confusions Rests Aimlessly.

Hidden Among The Labors In The Gardens Of Fruit Mansions.

Give The Seconds Driving The Force Of Years Natures Wandering Eye. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

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how do you know which is the one less traveled by?

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I googled it and no one has done it, especially with schizophrenia.

I am gonna take the hard way.

This statement is on my phone wallpaper:


What I recollect, is what I remember, which makes me who I am today.

I believe 5 year memory cycle because, world knowledge is changing very fast.

                        This rule I follow, 

Work with the knowledge of past 5 years and
Learn new things to work for next 5 years.
Such that I am ready for everyday.

                           Guide line is:

Don’t waste time learning what’s older than 5 years.

I don’t think trying to hide things helps. They always have a way of manifesting in ways you wouldn’t have thought of.

Find this is the case with trauma

I am not hiding anything.

People are there to take care of these issues.

Its just that pdoc and psychologist are doing their best as they have invested years together in it, with stable mind.

I will do what I am supposed to do, keep moving.

If it manifests people are there to look into it.

None of my pdoc or psychologist says I can not do it, what i wanna do.

All of them want me to do it and show results.

Other than my friends and family, as they believe I cannot.

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