Will this purchase be a mistake?

Got an urge to ride something. This is the most affordable bike on the site. I live in Bronx, So?


Looks like a weird bike. Doesn’t look comfortable.

It’s a folding bike. They all look like this. Can be taken anywhere, doesn’t have to be left unattended

Make sure it is comfortable. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is. If it hurts to ride, you won’t use it. Better to spend a little extra on something you’ll actually use.

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Will I I get a feel good rush from riding? If so is this healthy? I’ve had two other normal bikes in the past but don’t remember

Get an exercise bike. Then you don’t have to go out. That’s what I’m probably going to do.

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It depends how safe you feel and comfortable you feel riding a bike and don’t get upset being around other cars. My only mode of transportation is a bike and public transit and it feels great most days except the days when everyone is collectively p**** off at the cosmic forces around them and try to run me over at intersections. However don’t take what i said too literally riding a bike I find very relaxing but make sure u like riding it. However i see a lot of people with folding bikes in my town and they seem to enjoy it. I’d go to a bike store personally then just order one online because u get to try out the bikes at stores. Also most stores have free yearly tune ups if u buy from a certain store.

Yeah, you are probably right.

Lol if you’re hot- nothing’s a mistake. @crsaen lol really you can buy the stupidist bike in the world and it won’t even matter.

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I loved riding my bike right up until I was able to buy a car. Then the bike just seemed inefficient. You probably won’t have that problem living in a city.


Go for it! You can get or make the seat feel good.

Trying to weight the pros and cons of it

Look for a used bike on craigslist.

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Hard to say man.

The purchase of this bike could set off a series of horrendous events. Or it could be a good thing.

I don’t know. Just buy it.

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Personally I don’t like riding bikes in cities. The cars and buses freak me out.

But it is good that it is foldable. Bike thieves can get through pretty much every bike lock.

I think it is a good purchase, riding bicycles is good exercising and fun, I ride my bike every day. I have never been in Bronx so I do not know how your bicycle paths are. I live in a small town and our bike paths are great. I got my bike at a flea market, so it was quite cheap.

I’d aim for a good ol fashioned BMX - more versatile and practical. Should be relatively affordable as well if you don’t go too designer.

Wtf is that, a circus bike, dont buy that piece of crap. Spend your money on something worthwhile like a nice bike. Youll brake your back riding that.

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Yes it will be a mistake.

cirque du soleil?