Will they kill me?

i feel like if they r going to kill me
becoz they want me to be spy
they r talking like if there are war and they want military secrets or they will kill me
what is that !!!
am i going to die
idk i feel pain in back of my head
and sometime i feel like if there is something (physical thing ) in back of my head
is this normal?

No, it’s not. It might be time to talk to your doctor.

Do you have any PRN to take to calm you down?

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You are alright dude. You are very unwell. That’s what it is.

i ve just taken my meds
this pain and feelings come and go
it is anxious

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I go through the same thing Logan messes with me trying to make me dumb and braindead.

What does he do? Elaborate?

I dont want to give anyone ideas in case their looking through our eyes when we read this.

There’s no one looking through your eyes. Unless Are you actively hearing him?

He never shuts up

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