Will taking part in a paid study affect my ssi?

I haven’t been approved for either yet but I should know soon. I week for ssi and 2 months for the paid study. Will it effect my chances of getting my ssi?

Dunno. Advise call Social Security - 800-772-1213.

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thanks, I’ll call right now. Here’s the study if anyone is interested:

I’d advise you to call.1 888 228 7425. they immediately got back to me over the phone.

yes you have to way it out, I lose three weeks of ssi but gained 3200 bucks over 600. so it made money. just a lab rat who knows oh they us it as a work time as well, but don’t sweet it.

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you need to ask …is the study right for me?'S… so make a list. pro and con’s

The guy on the phone said income is income. So possibly no study for me. He didn’t say anything about being able to get back on after the study, but he was a jack ass and was practically making fun of my during the call. I waited 30 minutes to be made fun of. ha!

The study seems good, there just looking for novel wait to treat the negative symptoms. Don’t really know what that in tales though, but a 20 day stay at a hospital for $7550 sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

this should clear everything up.

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