Will she come back to me


I still love her after all these years. She was the one. My illness messed up my relationship with her but I think I’m doing much better now. And I still love her. I believe she is SZ too. Now that I’m sober and on medication I realized that her thinking is unusual too. She always thinks the worst and she goes crazy. She plays games but feels bad too. She lives in contradiction. Now she recently put pics on facebook and she looked like she was having a rough time. Always drinking and I can see the battle scars in her face. She definitely has some mental illness, whether it be BPD, B-P, NPD or SZ. She blames me, but it wasn’t my fault. I blame her, but it wasn’t her fault. But I feel yin and yang, etc…, makes us a good match. Once we settle everything in our own lives. Will she ever come back to me? I’ll forgive her if she’s willing to make amends also… She’s still a mystery to me but that drives me towards her.


This seems to be a very romantic yearning, were you both together long? I’ve been with my gf for over a year now, and we’re doing well as a couple can.

I’m sorry for your loss, and that comes from a divorcee. I was all alone for years thinking I never had that chance to move on.

But through the times, I realized that it’s the best.