Will schizophrenia make me disabled?

so you have been on medication for over 40 years? how have u been doing?

do u experienve cognitive decline before or after meds? i think there is no choice except medication if u have your cognitive difficulties before the meds treatment in the process of psychosis

Well. First of all I’m gonna feed you the usual line we are all different and what works for me might not work for you.

Anyways right now I use this against zyprexa. I suspect if I was on a different medication my supplement regime would be somewhat different.

Against cognitive decline I use:

  1. amino acid complex powder, which basically gives the brain the building blocks to make whatever hormones and signal cells it needs. I use pea protein right now. I would use whey, but I’m allergic to it. Protein powder has so much protein it actually makes me feel full so I can take an amino drink as lunch. They are also supposed to work better if you take them on empty stomach. Helps me not gain too much weight. I take 1 topped table spoon each day.

  2. Lechitin. Our brain is made up of 2/3 of this so supplementing with it seems logical. 1200mg each morning.

To keep away internal voices:

500mg niacin each morning
D-vitamin 5000 IU each morning

For sleep:

200mg magnesium evening
500mg L-serine evening

I also take:

NAC 500mg
B-vitamin complex
L-theanine 100mg
Lysine 500mg
All of these 1 each morning

COQ 10
Vitamin K1
These two about 1 each week.

That’s pretty much it.

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I do not seem to have any cognitive effects. No one around me has said anything. I have been on Haldol during those 40 years. Slept a lot of my life away.

Sounds pretty good Nick. I just take low stress jobs that do not pay much as that is all I can handle. My 80’s were spent recovering from two psychotic episodes. I am tending to forget a lot now, but my hobby gives my mind something to think about.

Schizophrenia is a devastating disease. There are very few people it doesn’t disable.

Honestly, I have noticed that my memory is horrible. I forget things that people said 20 seconds earlier. It’s an attention thing. I’m not sure if that is the meds or the illness.

I’m working as an English teacher now so I have a little bit of stress in my life. It hasn’t been overwhelming but I manage because I have to. I would rather stay around the house all day.

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How much Haldol are you taking? I’ve been on 1mg for 10 years now.

Congratulations on having full time work, and congratulations on fighting with it.

I always feel like not many people with this diagnosis are in work at all, it makes me happy to see this is possible

It really depends on all sorts.

Chances are high you will not be working.

Chances are also high you’ll require medication for much of your life.

But there’s possibilities you’ll be able to learn to drive, learn other skills and also be employable and manage to fight with your demons enough to function and operate in a workplace.

All the best,

Thank you for your kind words. It’s difficult because I am living abroad without the support of friends or family. I also only have a doctor who gives me my prescription but does not provide any counseling or therapy. So I’m left with talking with my wife over the internet and my parents as well. Part of me would rather not be working and collecting a government check but I’ve been off disability for 8 years now and I don’t live in my home country so there would be no way for me to get it.

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My Wife is very supportive and will listen when I need to talk. I found a gem in her. She will let me be with my hobby so long as I get things done around the apartment. I remember I hit rock bottom twice in my life. Schizophrenia is tough to deal with. I see commercials about helping disabled people except these are physically disabled and no mention of brain disorders or nothing. Life is not fair.

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Cognitive decline doesn’t have to be permanent, and esecially not once you learn workarounds and coping mechanisms.
Mine was so bad at one point I could not carry nor initiate even basic conversation, I showered once a week, my place was a pigsti, it took me 10 minutes to decide what gum I wanted if I went to the store, etc.

I learned to make routines, to compensate, and to retrain my brain.

Now I hold a full time job and do daily chores. And the job requires you to have lots of contact with other people and remaind focused and coherent.


you good at writing though.


Will it make you disabled? It depends on lots of factors. Maybe yes and maybe no. Also the definition of disabled is different somewhat for everyone.

Everyone functions differently with sz, and you will be fine as long as you take care of yourself and take your meds. No shame in getting help.

I personally don’t have sz. I have a severe form of depression called psychotic depression. I tend to go on long periods of remission because of my condition. The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis. It took me literally years to get diagnosed properly.