Will Prozac fix the last 10% of my problems?

best of luck with the new meds =)

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He started me on 20mg, but I read online it can go to 60mg.

It also says it’s comparatively weaker than some other AD’s, so we’ll see what happens with dosage, but I am hopeful this time it’ll work out



Good luck @Joker hope you feel better

If you are talking about Prozac it can go higher than 60mg, my dad was on 100mg but he felt so great they lowered it to 80mg, and then just recently to 60mg and he is doing fine.

The last 10% of the problems seem to be 90% of the work.


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I worry so much about it, but this has to work.

My life is going so great at the moment, and I have a lot to be thankful for, but this low mood with underlying stress etc has been killing me

Hoping this will get things back on track

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1% at a time. We’ll get there in the end - and it will be worth the struggle I am sure



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