Will my memory improve when Haloperidol stops working?

Haloperidol caused and still causes major memory impairment 9 weeks since the last injection, will I improve? How long do I need to wait? P.s. I have switched to Invega

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Wow, I discussed the same thing with my doctor today. Haldol and memory issues.

He said it is not about memory per se, but it affects processing speed, and thereby, retreival of memories. I will be coming off Haldol soon as well.

It is the only antipsychotic that works for me besides Abilify that works with minimal side effects. The reason I may come off Haldol (risky venture) is that Lamictal may replace it.

On haloperidol i noticed that during afternoon I could not remember what I ate or did in the same day’s morning

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Yes - it is that bad.

Are you on a heavy dose of Invega? Haldol impairment should have mostly faded after three weeks, but being on a high dose of a new AP can continue the issue in some form. Heavy dosing of most APs causes some sort of “cognitive drag” as I call it.


I was on a haloperidol injection, my psychiatrist said haloperidol injection stays in the system for a long time, half life is about 3 weeks. So ive been through 3 half lives only

I’m on 20mg of haldol and my memory is bad but I also smoke weed and get ECT. ECT really effected my memory but it’s worth it. :sun_with_face:

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