Will my main dream come through?

yes or no

yes or no

all views welcomed

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Well what is your main dream? Is it obtainable or unrealistic?

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if my destiny and fate are 100% my main dream will become reality one day in the future

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What is your main dream?

big money…enough money to last a 100 life times, I want to travel the world in style

And how do you plan to obtain that? Just curious

obtain through fate and destiny plus luck, I don’t mind if I don’t get the money though

I want to live in austraila I need the money first though

di…di…di…how much is it worth???

is me dream on d way ye or ne

Not without working toward it. If you chase the dream and put in some type of effort, then YES.

yes I have it sussed out thanx

unfortunately all the money is consolidated

in the hands of the very few, while everyone else struggles
paycheck to paycheck

for those of us with setbacks, we’ll never make a livable wage
and all the jobs are in the metro areas

so if you want the peace of small town, be prepared to be poor

good luck with your dream
I used to dream this when I was a kid
living in apartments with my mom and brother

I did achieve a college degree but only in English/creative writing
and all those jobs you need reference and knowing the right people
you have to pay to enter contests, and I’ve never won a thing

despite talking about controversial issues and not run of the mill

People who make good money are doing real estate, renting out
but that requires money too, I think they get it through inheritance

anyway, enough said.

thanks @Daze

your story is interesting

I play lotto sometimes. It was my dream to live in Australia someday.

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If you’re willing to work for it, sure.

Um, ah, well…



It’s the luck of the Irish. And he’s always searching for his pot of gold… :shamrock:


id love to live on the sunny beech in Australia too…big money is required for this to happen

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my work choice wouldn’t generate big money unfortually

I will be just a meek modest millionaire

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Some people in Australia have a mental illness here.
1 in 5.

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