Will moving away heal my pain

Or will it be the same just in a different area?


You can’t run from your problems.
A change of scenery might be good, but you still need to treat what’s causing the problem


A change of scenary can be healthy, and sometimes moving away is key for healing, but in most cases it won’t help.

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I’ve been considering a move myself. would like to get away from some of the parental oversight, im not a child. my parents wouldn’t accept my chosen lifestyle, and I’ve been getting the feeling they don’t respect me lately., and maybe a place more friendly to the disabled. I have some other reasons as well.

I’ve lived away from home three times. once in college for 3 years. and then I moved to Oregon when I was in my 20’s for a year. loved it each time, I didn’t have any roommates or many friends when I was in Oregon, so I did get a little homesick. I also lived and rented in the city for a year while I was working. more economic opportunity in the city.

I just keep waiting for this place to get better, i’ll be waiting awhile. and time will pass me by.


I’ve tried it twice, one to Vegas, one to New York.

Was nice in the beginning, the feeling of a fresh start. But it quickly led to the same problems, the same attitudes and types of friend. the hallucinations and delusions don’t go away, they just change to fit your current situations.

It always ended badly for me


Ralph Waldo Emerson in the 1800’s said, “Place is nothing” because you will be the same person when you get there.

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Historically, a few geographic changes have worked.

Years back, sailors often came down with bleeding gums and muscle weakness and all the symptoms of scurvy. The doctors would prescribe a trip inland, and of course, the fruits and vegetables consumed on such a trip would supply the needed Vitamin C. Healing took place!

Mostly, wherever I go, I bring me with me. The name of my problem is Jayster.

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We call it the Geographical Cure in AA. Doesn’t work. Reason being, wherever you go, there you are.

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Mine’s going well so far, but I’ll have to see how the holiday season goes. I hope it still feels like Christmas without the snow.

That’s a good question I’m asking myself the same thing. If moving to a different city at least would be better for me!?

Have you seen my tagline? My Dad was in AA. Is that where it came from? I’ll be dad gummed lol

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