Will iti007 be wonder med

i am curious to test this med,btw which phase has it cleared

I have been in the system and diagnosed for over 13 years. I have seen many meds come and go. I realized about 5 years into it that there is no such thing as a “Wonder Medication” for psychosis or any mental illness. Part of this is due to the fact that despite the retoric, many so called “mental illnesses” (especially schizophrenia) have yet to yeild actual pathology or lab results that point to a definitive biological cause. It’s been 150 years approximately of psychiatry in the west, with a very long list of hypotheical causes and “cures” and still to this day no real miracle drugs.

The reason for this is that psychosis and the related disorders, can have a myriad of causes, most of which do not necessarily lead to psychosis for the general population. From illegal or illicite drugs, to trauma, to hormonal disturbances, to food alergies, psychosis can develop or be triggered by a lot of issues and things.

In my several years long of in depth research, I have found that psycho-social approaches to schizophrenia are the most successful tools for resolution or management of chronic psychosis and related disorders. These forms of therapies involve communication,conversation, socializing and work done towards integrating the psychosis and allowing for transcendence. In addition work with a nutritionist or orthomolecular medical doctor, plenty of physical exercise, as rigorous as possible, yields the best results.

Medications are not cures and they do not resolve chronic psychosis. At best the chemically restrain or bandage the surface or outward displays of “symptoms” much like a pain killer masks the pain of a broken leg but does not heal the broken leg.

So essentially, what I am saying is do not pin your hopes on a magic psychiatric chemical bullet, instead determine what caused your psychotic break with the help of a therapist (pyschiatric, psychological, and medical) and then work forward from there with therapies to resolve the underlying psychosis. That yields the best results.


It certainly looks like it will be a blockbuster drug, The trials say it works better than risperdal as it not only works on psychosis but helps with negative symptoms too like isolation and depression. The other big thing is it has practically no side effects which is a first for an-anti psychotic.

It’s in phase 3 trials at the moment, they’re currently testing it on bipolar people, the results are due next year, it should be coming to market in 2017.

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Sorry to be a downer, but I have heard this sort of hype a thousand times before. Meds don’t really address the issues, they will never. You have to take into account individual biology and chemistry, what works for one person in symptom relief, maybe poison to another. A more holistic approach is required and customized therapy.

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well if it doesnt have a bunch of side effects compared to other antipsychotics I will be happy to take it


That’s the realistic thing to hope for… aps are aps… they constrict dopamine flow… if they can figure out a way to do that without ■■■■■■■ up hormones and other body functions… it’d be better than other meds even if it was only equally as effective.

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I dont really get too excited about new drugs lately.

AP’s stabillize me to a point, some have made me worse.

The only stabilizing AP for me is Risperdal, the others have either worsened my condition or did nothing.

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