Will i get the sack?

I just started a new job this week and they have asked me to do a criminal record disclosure.
I am happy to do so but I am worried because of an incident about 18 years ago. If they find out what I did , will they sack me? The crime was… I got into trouble with police and waved an offensive weapon in front of them, and got arrested I was very unwell back then with serious schizophrenia. I am now a complete law abiding citizen and successful homemaker… I must say that I did mention this on the job application originally.

Just worried I will lose this new job, any advice anyone? Thanks a lot

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I have no idea. Maybe some others will know if it affects a job application.

If this has already been disclosed, likely not.



I’ve filled out job applications that ask if you have been convicted of any felonies. They say it doesn’t automatically preclude you from getting hired. Hell, my co-worker was in prison for 16 years. And I bet it wasn’t for shoplifting licorice.

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Can you get that crime expunged from your record? Sometimes ( I think) if you commit a serious crime but you never had a criminal record before or after that, you can get that crime taken off of your record.

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I’m pretty sure most background checks ask if it’s been within 8 or 9 years only…That’s what I’ve seen here in California. Anything older than that you don’t have to disclose unless it’s felony I believe. You should Google for your area.

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