Will I ever get diagnosed

Hi. Ive recently been coming to terms with what has been going on in my mind. I sometimes hear voices and I have what are best described as blackouts. I went to a therapist for a while when these blackouts started coming back and she eventually gave me this test that confused the ■■■■ out of me and I think I screwed it up. When that therapist continued to not address my problem I went to a different one who basically flat out didnt believe me, or at least thats how it seemed. A friend of mine who is sz said that if I recognize my symptoms that im not sz. Is that my problem? If im a sz who recognizes his symptoms and that makes me not sz then what am I? Have I missed my window for getting diagnosed and treated for my problem? This illness has totured me since I was a child and I just want to have an explanation as to y I am the way I am and I want to get treated

Welcome to the forum marx.

You have not missed a window for getting diagnosed. Recognizing symptoms does not mean that you don’t have sz only that you have insight into those symptoms.

I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist.


Even if they find that you don’t have SZ, they can still prescribe you antipsychotics to help. As long as you have symptoms that can be treated by APs, the doc can prescribe them to you. The diagnosis doesn’t really matter, the symptoms do. Hell, they even prescribe them for things like anxiety.

And yes, insight is possible for those with sz, it’s just not that common. Here’s an example:
A person without mental illness walks outside and sees a T-rex walking towards them. They will probably stand there staring at the T-rex for a sec and finally run from it. Very few people would stand there and say, “That’s obviously not real, I’m being psychotic.” and just stand there ignoring it. Though, personally, I live in San Diego so I probably would run. Lol (think Jurassic Park 2)

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I would describe what the voices say to you.

Let me give you my opinion; just because you KNOW you have schizophrenia doesnt mean you dont have it. However, it makes you a person who has schizophrenia, not a schizophrenic, there is a difference. Schizophrenics are guided in their behavior by their condition. People with schizophrenia are aware of being mentally ill and take care of themselves. That is my original little gem of knowledge about schizophrenia that I learned from being both a schizophrenic and today a person who has schizophrenia.

But good god, see a psychiatrist. This disease is not your problem to solve, doctors exist to solve it for us! Its easy, just make an appointment, they will evaluate you in your first appointment and likely immediately start you on one of the newest antipsychotic medications. It’s that easy, you just have to admit that you need help, and help will be given!

That and doctors appointments are ■■■■■■■ expensive but idk would you pay a thousand dollars a year to be normal again? Thats up to you to decide.

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Thanks for your input guys :slight_smile:

I think I’d say the dinosaur is a delusion and will get eaten. Haha I ran into a moose in town once. I stood an arm’s length from it. We stared at each other. I was like “it’s a cow!, it’s a horse! No… Not really a horse. Its a Moose!” My friends had alreade been screaming and had run about 500 meters before I realized what it was. :slight_smile:

@marx what kind of blackouts? My pdoc thought I had epilepsy because i feeling I am sucked into another dimension. But I have no blackouts.

Sometime it can take a while to get formally diagnosed with sz.
I haven’t read the lastest DSM 5 but I believe they wait 6 months of symptoms before tagging you with this lifelong moniker.
Some young people have one psychotic break and eventually get better and never have another.
This could be triggered by drug use for instance.

So there is no rush to get a diagnosis in my opinion. Its more important and time consuming to find the right medication. It can take at long time trying many until the one that’s right for you. I was in no rush
to be branded with the S. I used to say they can call me whatever they want just give me those
meds that make me feel better.

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Idk from the ones I remember now I get really confused and cant think and start feeling like im not me and then later I cant remember what I was doing. Its hard to describe, kinda bizarre