Will I end up in hell?

I keep having intrusive thoughts about ending up in Hell etc

I’ve tried sertraline etc but those haven’t got rid of it, neither has the Abilify shot I’m on. Advice?

My doctor doesn’t want me to do talk therapy yet because “it won’t benefit me yet” since it’s “early in recovery” or something like that

My psychiatrist was also my therapist for the first four years I was sick. I thought that was normal until it wasn’t.

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i didn’t get a therapist until like eight years into recovery. it’s mostly a pointless exercise, but if i were gonna do it, id rather have done it early in the recovery, so i could ask questions and get advice and such.


The Subject of Religion/Spirituality. However it Feels Comfortable to You, (In The Way it’s Labelled).

The End Result is Neverending. Most Would Say, Karma is a Very Serious Reality. And Some Would Say, It’s Nothing But Probability.

Either or, Or Both is, (In The End), Up to You Entirely.

Better Safe Than Sorry, Some Would Say.

And I Would Say, As Has Been Said, ‘If You Try The Best You Can, The Best You Can is Good Enough’~ Rachel Owen. (Thom Yorke’s Wife/Before Her Cancer Diagnosis).

Which Doesn’t Mean He Divorced Her.

But Lost The Love of His Life.

Off Topic Slightly, I Admit. But in a Sense, Ask Yourself Thus @Crystal-Cotton, After What Rachel Owen Gave as Advice For Those Hurting Psychologically. Where is The Ending of Her Story?.

Here on Earth?. Or Somewhere Else?. Good, or Bad?.

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ur dr is right. u need to gain back ur insight by meds before u take any talk therapy

Having good insight into your illness allows you to help yourself you need to be your biggest friend so get reading and talk to the professionals have questions for them and your study.

Would You Have Any Quick Simplistic Guides For One Confused About a Strange, Serious, Mental “illness”?.

Perhaps, Quick Google Searches That Can Get One Started on Their New Interesting/Fun Studies?.

And Possibly Some Good, Helpful Questions One Could Ask Professionals in Order to Get Started on, And in Recovery?.

I Ask. Because I Have Trouble Myself Locating Easy to Understand Information.

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I do not believe in a suffering hell being forever. I trust the path of love is presented to us now & forever & all roads lead to Gaya … :cherry_blossom: Huggs :cherry_blossom:

Permanent schizophrenia is my hell.

Yeah, I agree. Hell will be totally do-able after this life.:face_with_monocle:

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I have insight now

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But I have my insight already
I know that my delusions aren’t real etc

Don’t listen to the doctors there’s no such thing like early in recovery go argue these points with the doctor and tell him that you need someone to reason with he should understand you.


Supposedly I don’t have insight, but my dr wants me in therapy to work on reality testing plus my ptsd.

I believe its spiritual personaly so a mix of clinical and spiritual knowledge is what i usually go for say christianity, hinduism, buddhisn etc and what the mental health providers say and the definition of schiz on the net to get good insight and spiritual cultural and scientifical understanding.

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