Will I be on meds forever?


I found this article, and it says only a small percentage of people with schizophrenia/schizoaffective/etc. have to be medicated for their whole lives. Is this true? How long have you been on medication? Has anyone here been able to get off medication and be okay? Every time I go off my meds, I get Baker Acted and end up in the hospital.


Off meds I seem to get worse as I age, so no idea

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I’ve been on and off of antipsychotics for the past fifteen years. Going off them sooner-or-later proved to be a mistake every time. I’ve just accepted that I have to be on them for the rest of my life (not to mention antidepressants and a mood stabilizer). I have schizoaffective/bipolar-type.


I have to be on medication, I have no choice.
When I am off medications I lose my sanity and become a danger to myself and others.

I was recently involuntarily committed because I switched meds.

Please stay on your meds.


Like some others have said, i have to be on the meds. It’s bad when i’m not, just too much for me to handle. The fact that you get Baker Acted should be a heads up to you. I’d keep taking your meds if i were you.


I’ve been on APs for about 16 years I think? If I can do math this late at night. And I have no intentions if ever going off them again. I’ve made that mistake. Never again.


ive made the mistake of getting off meds before. i’ve been on meds for about 8 years and its hard to imagine my life with out them.


well if you go nuts anytime you go off them, then maybe its a sign to not go off them


I’m off meds for 4 days and doing fine

i think AA has a four day token. just kidding.

I wanna take so many street drugs and end my life

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Off meds for 2 weeks and I’m better than ever, not sedated anymore that’s the best part about it. This is following my pdoc order. I just have to keep in mind that I still have sz.


The article was only 1 doctors opinion. I think most doctors would not agree.

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Sometimes I am up between a rock and a hard place with side effects, but I know the meds are helping me so I have no choice but to be compliant with my treatment

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I am schizoaffective too. I am not sure if I will have to always take my medication, I am thinking about getting off my antidepressants and going to a lower dosage of my atypical antipsychotic. I was also on a beta blocker for anxiety and that wasn’t really doing much.

I never managed to get off meds. I tried, but ended up in emergency rooms, police stations, wards.

Right now I have better coping skills and managed to withdraw to a very tiny dose of meds, which is way better than a regular dose imho. But I don’t dare go fully off yet. I do keep hope though and I hate it if doctors tell me I will be on meds forever. Who are they, fortunetellers? There are people who actually heal, but the sad thing is: you never really know whether you will be the one who successfully gets off meds, or the one who gets off meds and ends up jumping in front of a train. :-/