Will i be alone forever if i gain weight again

the only med that works for me makes me gain weight i stopped taking it february and tried two other meds and have lost 60 pounds and i feel a little better about myself,

only thing is the voices are back and i am too anxious and paranoid to even leave the house, i just sit in my room listening to music and watching videos, i keep thinking about suicide for many reasons and because i dont want to be a failure,

i dont want to have stopped taking a med and lost a ton of weight just so i can go back on the med and gain weight again but without meds my life is not even worth living.

im pretty much asking will i be alone for the rest of my life if i gain weight again, i dont think i am that good looking and if i gain weight that will make it even worse, i saw a post about if being overweight makes you unattractive and it seems like alot of people said yes i just dont know what i can do it sucks i have to take a med that will make me gain weight to be sane

also i think it will be really embarassing because before i lost weight my family would be talking about me and stuff and all the people who know that i have lost a lot of weight are gonna think im a failure and stuff it is just so bad

If you don’t take your meds you could end up dead. You’ve got to get your priorities straight.

There’s lots of ways of combatting weight gain

  1. Metformin
  2. Calorie counting
  3. I take a simple bcomplex which helps.

Don’t let vanity kill you.


i dont think any of those will work because metformin doesnt prevent weight gain from ap’s just reduces it a little also calorie counting will be hard with the insatiable appetite olanzapine gives me and even if i do it successfully i could still gain weight because of all of olanzapines bad effects on metabolism, i tried a b complex when i was on abilify and i didnt notice any difference

im pretty much â– â– â– â– â– â–  i can either gain a lot of weight and always be hungry or i can be psychotic and want to die

No there are many fat people with a normal wife, but not many psychotic people with one…


Lots of overweight people are in happy relationships.

People do have preferences when it comes to partners but there are many people out there who will like you regardless of your weight.


I know what you’re going through, I’m in the same situation. I’ve gained over 50 lbs on a variety of anti-psychotics over the past 2 years and can’t get amy self-esteem back at all. None if my old clothes fit and all I wear are leggings. I quit taking my abilify about 2 weeks ago, maybe 3, and I’ve list like 6 lbs so far but my voices are nasty and loud as hell. I don’t care for now. I’d rather be batshit crazy and thin than fothe weight I am now and desperately lonely forever with body shame issues forever. Call me vain, call me careless, but don’t call me for dinner. I won’t eat it. Hah! Anyways, good luck with it all. My opinion isn’t advice, I’m fucked up. I’m sure you’re beautiful regardless. And remember, your soulmate is out there! :). Peace

I know for a fact you can be big and find love. Personally i like girls of all sizes but have a serious preferance for bigger girls. As for the weight gain issue i understand. I dont take meds because for me they only intensify the symptoms, make me lose all emotion except anger, and my normal weught gain from pills is 100 pounds in one week then i sit at that weight as long as im on pills. I know not taking meds is bad and many people are helped by meds so im not telling anyone not to take meds, just for me personally they only make it worse, but back to my main point me and many other people absolutely love big people. I dont expect that to be helpful but hope it does help, and good luck to you

When I was on respirdal i gained like 20-30 pounds in like a month or two. When i switched to abilify I always felt hungry but I was able to eat less. When I was put on Wellbutrin I was able to lose weight. From what I’ve heard abilify and geodon cause the least amount of weight gain. I have to take 40 mg of abilify a day to make the hallucinations go away. From my experience I would personally opt to take the antipsychotic that doesn’t cause weight gain and increase the dosage. That’s what me and my psychiatrist did anyways

Why don’t you just hit the gym hard or save up some money and get some home gym equipment? Plus exercise has a positive effect on your mental health aswell and make sure the food you’re intaking is good healthy food.

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No, you wont be alone forever if you gain weight. It’s not a weight that defines you, its your character…
Go for meds…work on stability…and motivation…and set up a small goals like walking half an hour every day or avoiding junk food. Slowly, patiently. Eventually you’ll get a balance. But your mental health is priority and a basis for everything else.
Good luck!


Everything starts with one step. You don’t just miraculously change your life in one day. You make one change at a time and evolve.

Exercise was my first place to start. Then slowly I started eating different and getting different ideas about what to eat, when to eat them, ect. The important part is to stick with those changes because choices are life long when you make the right one.

As for being over weight, I can’t tell you how many hotties I see with chubby men. It’s got it’s drawbacks sure, more people might talk bad about you, or they might not.

Being aesthetic isn’t fun all the time either. People come to me to ask about exercise or take me to the gym just to look good for themselves. Also the jealousy is not something I am used to. It’s actually the saddest part about it because people you want to be friends with will blow you or get mad at you off cuz you are too good looking for them.

I agree with replies I have read here.

I gained 20 kg on olanzapine.
I lost ten of those when I got on latuda.

Can you join weightwatchers or similar ?

Maybe ask for help.

Make a plan with your Dr or a dietician .

There are lots of people who embrace a partner with overweight.

I thought olanzapine is a great medication apart from weight gain.

@sigarino, you don’t have to be hooked up with another human being, romantically, to be happy. I am alone and perfectly happy. It is because I have a close relationship with my Higher Power. Look into that. There is no higher or more powerful love.

And try counting your calories on www.MyFitnessPal.com app. on your smartphone. It is amazingly effective. Also, be sure and exercise, at an activity you love doing, everyday. Don’t drink pop or artificial sweeteners and limit alcohol. These are my secrets to dropping weight and keeping it off. My BMI is 22.8, which is within normal limits.

And, remember, if a woman really loves you, she’ll love you at any weight.