Will all these drugs for negative/cognitive symptoms become drugs of abuse?

For use as study aids etc? Think limitless


normal people might not have any effect of min101 …!!! It’s only effective to us…!! lots of confusion…!!!


If your cognition is normal chances are they will only give you a little boost. Students already use adhd medications like adderall for studying, I don’t think addiction is likely with these substances. Do you remember how sharp you were in school before sz? Normal healthy brains don’t need any help, they are stellar performers without substances.


Man I miss how sharp I was in school…


You were in medical, right?

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Yeah I was. Before I got ill I was top of the class. Six months into illness I was failing stuff. Hit me hard.


For some little boost will do a lot…!!

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With sz you drop a dozen IQ points or so. If the drugs give us those back I would be happy.

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Imagine this. First episode psychosis in school on a monday morning, confusion & anxiety
lost all friends, severely bullied in school after the first episode and got trauma from it for life

now a decade later no cure for this â– â– â– â– 

yes it happened to me this way ;(

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that’s why im desperate to try vraylar or ProFrontal

time is running out for me :frowning:

The young me would need a lot of patience to tolerate current me.


Where do you get Vraylar or ProFrontal?

Vraylar is available by prescription in the US. One of the newest APs.

Profrontal is over the Internet I think.

Most drugs have a propensity for abuse

I don’t think anything will change the high you get from speed. Drugs don’t help much in ways of studying anyways. There are free ways of memorizing study material.

I don’t get how we lose iq points… can I not just do the test again and again until I have gained those points back… or even better could I not just do the test on repeat until I score so high I doubt if can actual click answers faster…then we could say sz has improved my iq and drastically…