Will a psychiatrist prescribe antifungal?

I think i have an infection because my genitals smell kinda bad. Ive tried minocyclibe for it it seemed to go away but just came back. Im starting to wonder if its maybe fungal? Will i have to to two different doctors or can i get it from the psychiatrist since hes like my regular doctor

No, he can’t do that. If there is a planned parenthood around they will see you. Little known fact: they treat guys too. Otherwise, an urgent care center can help.

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I think a psychiatrist can prescribe any medication another doctor would prescribe, but he may not be willing to do so.

Many years ago, I had a psychiatrist prescribe something to treat my acne.


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Hey @cactustomato I had a fungal infection in my groin before. Partly due to not washing enough and partly cos I kept pulling out my pubic hair.

I went to the pharmacist and they gave me an over the counter thing called caniston. Can’t remember the generic name - is an anti fungal. Took a couple of weeks to clear.

Ps I am a guy

The medical officers of psychiatric department who see me can prescribe many medicines, such as cough syrup, but it wasn’t long term.