Will a drug test be positive if i consume hemp oil?

Im thinking about ordering hemp oil. The problem is i drive everyday to work and back and if they find traces of cannabis in your system they take your driving licence away. We also have a drug free policy at work, if they find traces of cannabis in your system you can get fired.

So i worry a bit. Id consume 2 full table spoons of hemp oil everyday. Is it possible that a drug test would be positive from 2 table spoons a day?

The tests are for thc in your system, if I’m correct there isn’t any thc in hemp oil. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I’m not sure what you are taking the oil for, but have you thought of possibly another oil? I’ve taken both Cod Oil and Flaxseed Oil in liquid form.

There is thc in hemp oil, only very small amounts. They say it is not detectable, but i read a story where a worker got a positive drug test from consuming 2 table spoons of oil a day.

I used it before, it is healthy and it is suppose to lower bad cholesterol, that is why i would take it. And the taste is fantastic.

But i cant risk loosing a driving licence or a job. Stupid law.

If you are this worried I would do one of two things. Take to your doctor about it and make sure it’s listed on your medical chart. At least you’d have a record of it. Or, change to another type of oil.

By the way, Cod Oil does not have a fantastic taste to it. LOL! Actually they have a lemon flavored version that isn’t too bad; it’s what I take now.

Good luck!

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That is a fantastic advise Jonathon, thanks. That is what i´ll do :wink:

Ill search for other options for the time being, fish oil is another option.

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