Wild turkey essay

My essay on wild turkey:

There are 5 different types of wild turkey the rio grande,Osceola,Merriam,ocellated and eastern subtypes

There biggest predators are coyotes,foxes raccoons hawks eagles humans and when it comes to the eggs snakes and another threat to the wild turkey is habitat loss

Back in the spring of 1987-1988 4.400 wild turkeys were put in 275 different areas in Ontario. we now have a hunting season and the first person to take a wild turkey with a bow in Ontario the first person to take a reintroduced elk with a bow.

A lot of people in the early 1900s thought that the wild turkey was doomed for extinction there were less than 30thousand birds in North America now there are a estimated 7 million wild turkeys in North America making it the most successful conservation succeeds ever in the world.

Before the Europeans settled and before there wild game was being sold by the thousands because the Europeans thought that wild turkey among other animals were a unlimited source he population was estimated to be 10 million but 7 millions is still a lot of birds in North America

there past there native range meaning we have more turkeys in more areas then we ever did from northern Ontario to all of eastern Ontario down to the lowest southern part of the province there are wild turkeys in Ontario alone there is a new estimate that there are over 100 thousand turkeys

Turkeys got domesticated by the pilgrims and the Spanish crusaders in the 15th century which continues to this day to be the domesticated strain

Poaching or illegal hunting is a major threat to wild turkeys usually there not out of desperation to get meat but to outsmart the conservation officers also forest fires are a major threat to the habitat of wild turkeys. Forest fires usually happen in the spring which is prime breeding season for the turkeys and it wreaks havoc on the population and most are man made

But the main lesson I want you to know is through non profit organizations like the wild turkey national federation and provincial and state programs like the Ontario federation of anglers and hunters we can now enjoy hunting those magnificent creatures and they aren’t extinct

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It took me only a few hours to do

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Im glad they conserved the turkeys. I eat a lot of turkey

Yeah it’s too bad here in Ontario the elk are not doing half as good as the turkey reintroduction photographers hunters wildlife enthusiasts would love to see them return there is a small population that’s labeled as “stable” and they give like 10 tags to hunt them and like 10 thousand people try to get them anyway I think taking care of the world and making sure nothing goes extinct is very important except for mosquitoes they can leave the earth and never come back :laughing:

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