Wild Swimathon


yes, its very, very bad :roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy:

apart from the pizza part that is


Yeah, I can’t breathe anymore either while swimming. lost the rhythm of it.


Yeah I hate that, hoping to get it back, I’ll be more bouyant so should be easier lol


update- my wetsuit was too small so had to send it back to exchange it lol, i also started a page on just giving so hopefully get some donations there as well, it has a text service which is pretty good so you dont need to give bank details or anything :slight_smile:


I finally found it. This is the link to the swim fundraiser I was thinking of:


that looks great skims :slight_smile: is it an american thing?

i designed a poster today on canva and printed a few, it looks great so i’m going to put them up in supermarkets and cafes i think, hopefully people will empathise and donate :slight_smile: its all for a good cause anyway :slight_smile:


alright, i’ve got back in the water, i was at the pool tonight before dinner and swam about 500m or around 10 lengths :slight_smile: it was a good start and i saw an improvement as i swam more, i had a little rythmn nearer the end and it was easier to swim, hoping my breathing improves as it is a bit laboured

my friend said she’d donate £10 as well which i great :wink:


wheres the money gonna go to?


goes straight to my clubhouse, funding frontline services such as projects to reach out to the wider mental health community.


many thanks to @firemonkey for donating to my fundraiser last night, much appreciated :slight_smile:


How is the swimming coming?


Thanks for asking, i found i have only been swimming half of what i thought bc i got the measurements wrong lol but its ok, it was 250m for my first swim then 400m for the 2nd, last one was about 275m

I was supposed to go swimming this morning at a Loch but my alarm didnt wake me in time :frowning: going to try and do it in the morning :slight_smile: looks like a great place for it but the temperature was 7.2 so pretty cold lol.

fingers crossed


With the loch being so chilly, do you have a spotter coming along?


well i went this morning, there was an event posted for today so i drove out with all of my gear in the boot and a towel, there was 4 of us there and that included 2 women wearing just swimsuits. was pretty funny that the two guys had wetsuits and the women didnt.

the water was very cold and almost an ice swim it was 6 degrees, my hands were the coldest so i stayed in the shallows and swam a little taking breaks, i stayed in the water about 15mins i think. :slight_smile:


OMG! that’s 42.8 degrees F.


How is the swimming going @Daydreamer?


thanks for asking, i have recently been to the baths and swam 16 lengths or 800m which is a personal best and i was feeling ok, so i’m going to keep going and then i’ll take part in an event outdoors, i’m lucky as i am not far from the national park and other good places to swim.

I also have raised £230 all togerther for my charity so far for my clubhouse and that is £129 on a facebook fundraiser and £101 on Justgiving :slight_smile: its a good feeling bc i feel like i am doing some good.