Wild Swimathon


hi, i thought i’d post about my Wild Swimathon that i have started, i started it last week and now i am getting ready to take the next step…

here is more about what i have planned-

ok guys, this is what you have been waiting for :grin: i need to get my Swimathon off the ground and into the water, not going to throw myself into the deep end just yet though pardon the pun, but i figured i could do this… its a charitable event that i’m hoping to start my wild swimming journey from and raise some critical money for my chosen charity.

here is some information about the event-

Just a daft notion to “test the water”. Would you be interested in a winter sprint in the River Doon? Not really organised at all, with no responsibility by anyone and highly likely to be cancelled on the day if conditions are bad. It’s a 250m sprint with-the-flow and without exit points except the finish. River depth about 3 - 6ft. Water temperature : probably in the range of the famous “River Doon ice-cream headache”. Expected swim time as fast as 1:30 after a stormy day, 2 - 3 minutes on a calm day. 2 waves (wetsuit and non-wetsuit). We’d need help with ‘spotters’ and carrying clothes from start to finish. We’d make a complete mess of the timekeeping (to encourage boisterous argument about who won, even though noone will care). We will offer shelter, hot chocolate and cake. If the flow is strong you’ll risk sailing past the finish point and have to climb out about 150m further and colder, but you’re unlikely to be swept out to sea (but there’s no guarantee). Would you do this at your own risk? Would you do this for a cheap trophy? Would you do this without being given even a can of Red Bull? December is only a first suggestion to gauge reaction - to be confirmed or deleted depending on the response. Apologies if this is not an appropriate use of this FB page and I’ll never speak of it again.

so…yes there is an element of danger which makes it even more appealing to me and i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t a bit worried about it, however it is a challenge and i think it is a good start, i’ll be starting training real soon even though this swim will be easier as its with the flow :wink:, its suppose to be therapeutic guys :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

p.s. please donate to my funraiser before i possibly drown, get pneumonia, hypothermia or eaten my a rather large fish :joy::joy::joy::fist:


make sure you get all your liability insurance and waivers in order first so people know your serious.

good luck!


do you mean life insurance?

i bought a wetsuit :slight_smile:


oh are you the one doing the swimming or are other people joining?


No-one else has asked to join me yet but the group on Facebook has events where groups meet up for some wild swimming :slightly_smiling_face:


How is the chess going on?
Are you trying to improve?


I used to play strip poker (damn me :smile: )


Taking a break from that atm and concentrating on other things,

@anon51414962 I love poker Texas Holden is the best :slightly_smiling_face: need to play with some sexy women :slightly_smiling_face:


just bought a safety buoy just in case i get into trouble, better safe than sorry :slight_smile:


my friend said she would sponsor me :slight_smile: i said i loved her and blew her a kiss emoji, she is the cutest women i have ever known :slight_smile:


Great job @daydreamer


i got some more things for the swimathon, i got swim socks, gloves and a cap :slight_smile: i honestly cant wait to hit the water :slight_smile: i think i should practice first though, i’ll need to go to the pool,

any swimmers on the forum? :swimming_man::swimming_woman:

I had another friend asking about the swimathon today :slight_smile: he said he wanted to donate, i hope he does, he wanted to chat with me about it first as well :slight_smile:


I used to swim a lot, only sport I like


I used to swim weekly over summertime with a triathlon club. Furthest I went was a 1.5 mi open-water swim race. River doon doesn’t look very wide and fast moving at points.


that’s impressive, i couldn’t do a triathlon, i cant run properly and i hate riding a bike, 1.5miles is a long way to swim :slight_smile:

have you heard about this guy?..


Wow 1,792 mi in 157 days!

They do a swim here, 32-miles end to end of a lake, in just one day and night.

I recommend the Total Immersion swim method for any length of distance.


what’s that? :slight_smile:




i was hoping to do that but its cold here so need to wear a wetsuit atm, front crawl was my favourite stroke but i kind of lost it after a while and gained a bit of weight, i find it difficult to breath while swimming and hoping that i can get back to what i was like before :slight_smile:


is it bad that I like to watch/read about these feats while i sit on the couch eating a pizza? :yum: