Wild predator or prey?

which would you rather be?

  • wild predator
  • wild prey

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as a wild prey, I could play around with a lot of wild animals. but as a wild predator, I can dominate! i go with wild predator! though i think prey have to use their heads more, and are smarter…

Sometimes I think I would rather not be either one. It might be nice to be a hummingbird.

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in the water I would be the fast dolphins… they out pace orca pods…and keep going well after the orcas are taking a nap…
on land I picked prey… would be fun way to see the world being a goose for a goose lifetime… clever fox would be fun…and so would skunk…

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I want to be a large deer buck. sharpening my antlers on trees and sparring fights. If I get shot I hope it kills me fast.


I wanna be the rattler who bites the man with the gun pointing at him.
Much later as he toasts the man on the kabob sticks, he takes a bite sized piece and says “Knew it- Tastes just like chicken.”

i’d prey on sheep for wool. i mean, i could be a sheep and still get the comfort of wool, even my own wool. lol. but i’d rather be a wild predator hunting sheep, just cause more power!