Wife got married

My Daughter phoned up. Said did you know mummy got married last week.
I knew it was on the cards. I dont know whether i should feel upset or not give a monkeys. Sometimes you just gotta let it all go. :frowning:

So long as little one still knows i love her dearly - i actually wish emma all the best.

Ah f*ck. Im determined not to get all depressed over it.

Just shows how much has changed since my Dx. I still reckon i would still be married if i was treated years sooner. No bugger would have put up with me when i was pro-dromal and then psychotic.

Time to move on :frowning:


Hey. You tried. Sz happened. Not your fault in the least. At least you have a loving daughter now. And who knows, some women out there might still find you suitable. Not everyone gets sucked into the rat race for money and social status.


Oh I know that’s hard news. Brings up the past a bit. Try not to let it get you down. You have a good life as it is. You have the things you need and some of the things that you want. And you still have your little one and that’s not going to change.


That’s hard to deal with. I hope it doesn’t make you mad at yourself. You couldn’t help your illness. It’s not your fault


For Emma Forever Ago,

Good Luck Kid!.


I’m sorry. It must be a lot of conflicting emotions to deal with.


Thanks for all the kind replies. Im fine. Just a bit of a shock.

@ninjastar Yes alot of conflicting emotions. When you give your heart to the woman you adore - and you cocked it up cos you was crazy at the time, it tends to make you feel guilty.

Its honestly fine - I love her enough - to let her go, bless her x :frowning:


It is very kind of you to be able to find happiness in your heart for her even as you hurt.


I was in the same situation but didn’t let my gf get pregnant, I told her I don’t want a kid now, I am only 20 y.o. She left me when I got hospitalized for 4-6 months, she told me I am doing nothing in my life and somewhat said I am a looser and useless.

Once, I went to her house and saw a guy there who told me to never come back here, I told him chill all I wanted to know is if she was still interested in me and I know my answer now. I never went back and forgot her. Fights are useless and only bring more problems. I haven’t had a gf since I got sz 9 years ago.

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Focus on the future and the present instead of the past. Like others said, at least you have a daughter that loves you.

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Yes?.., Like a Shoelace?.., A Horse During The Fields of Raining Sadness?.. :pensive:

That’s tough mate.

I was happy when my ex got married. It meant my kids wouldn’t be subject to random guys all the time. I pray for their relationship almost every night. Her new husband is a good dude and seems to be a good parental figure to my daughters. I wish them nothing but happiness and success.


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