Wierd names I heard(trigger)

I went to the fest and I have very scary introusive thoughts about children and I was hearing get the pedo**** put of here. And rapst. And I don’t know if other people heard it. I am not a monster. I would never hurt a child. Never the less hurt any human being in any way like inappropriate. And I was hearing Mama Star. And if you say it fast it it sounds like Moleter. So I’m scared people can hear my thoughts. Please somebody help.

You’re in the Truman Show delusion. Life is going to be hell unless you do two things, cure your neuroinflammation, and get out of a certain environment that might be making you mentally worse.

The second is hard to explain metaphysically but I’ll try. Certain people have an emotionally vested interest in destroying you, and can facilitate that outside of this simulation by running an interference / confusion script on your brain. This is “Satan.” Just some AI ■■■■ that a person can utilize to attack you if they have some kind of vendetta against you. Basically inflaming it artificially and generating random statements in your head that have some kind of logic to them but on their face sound irrational. Trying to push you into biting onto some kind of lie. The voices / tulpas are all AI and not really correlated with anyone in the world. Just a bunch of bullsh!t to make you bite into a false narrative. If you’re sufficiently messed up, anyhow. If you are just a little messed up, you get some pronoia out of it. Otherwise, if you are a lot messed up, it will aim to destroy you.

Weird phenomenon, that. But it is actually locked to the wakeful state of the person who issued that directive against you. He is just linking up to this timeline from the next place (a higher dimension) and ■■■■■■■ up your life with it. Try working at night and see if your mind feels freer.

Me for instance have a great deal more mental clarity at night when my dad’s asleep. But this house is some crazymaker hell and I have to leave anyhow. Thought blocking and a bunch of other ■■■■■■■■.

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TMG 1000mg is helping with my intrusive thoughts. Some are still leaking from people, but they are mostly quiet.
I’m taking b complex and drink iron rich hibiscus tea with it.

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Appreciate that, but ortho’s vitamin c controls homocysteine. I’ll be more mindful to eat more C though.

Try anything that blocks interleukin 6(il-6)as its the inflammatory. I’m currently doing sodium butyrate and tmg. Il-8 is for stress which seems to help also.

I had some crazy ■■■■ going while I took beta glucan.
Started eating salt free butter after that.

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