Wide awake after and idiot comes beeping their horn

In front of my apartment ppl have no respect for other people here and it’s Bs!!

I’m sorry I really needed to vent it’s 330 in the morning!


I hope you fall asleep soon.

I normally wake up a couple of times a night, but fall asleep again.


Makes me want to stomp around in my place to let the chic next door know she woke me back up. People knocking on her door all hours of the night ughhhhh.


@Turtle41 - I hope you get some sleep!

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It sucks to live in a place with bad sound insulation.

I’ve had that experience before.

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Some people can be so odious and annoying. Next thing you know they might be asking you to loan them some money.

They better not say anything to me. Lol if they only knew who they were keeping up. I can turn b**** in about 2 seconds right now

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I dont have any money to loan…I cant work…

Hope you can get some rest soon @Turtle41 .

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