Wicked Musterion

Old Ton Liu Thought Prophet, Descended from Liu Peng, Didn’t think just one thought, He thought up everything, On an exercise bicycle, Attached to 'lectric motor, With two wires coming out, Of the rear wheels rotor, And hooked up to his laptop, With a modified modem, Ton Liu churned the pedals, And that was how he showed ‘em, How it was the will of God, To send him all their money, If he preached a boring sermon, And then sang kinda funny, He had the people spellbound, So that’s just what they did, And he built a freakin’ empire, And left it to his kid, Now the aforementioned modem, Had wires going out, To Ton Liu tinfoil hat, Which would surely leave no doubt, To the unspellbound observer, That he had gone quite mad, And Ton Liu young replacement, Was crazy like his dad, I won’t go on and on, About this wicked little man, So I’ll try to wind this up, Just as quickly as I can, The empire would soon crumble, Because he left it to his son, Who was wicked like his father, That old man Ton Liu Yon, The crowd flocked to the exits, As the empire started cracking, From Ton Liu Yon sons sermons, And his tinfoil hat brain-jacking,Not one stone was left standing, The empire is now gone, The crowd’s now unaffected, By that wicked Mr. Yon.


An intricate and well-thought out piece @ArchStanton.
These would make great lyrics. The music I imagine is like Island period Tom Waits or Captain Beefheart. Eccentric and colorful.


Thanks eighteyedspy23.

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