Wicked dreams

I just woke up from a nightmare that I was failing and my mentors showed that they no longer trust me or holds me up to a high esteem and that I was acting delisional about accepting it. Its now 1:01am, having my morning coffee about to start studying before school starts. hopefully I can get my mind right; think Ill even pop me an extra 2mg risperidone tic tac and hit the books.

Hope you all are having an awesome morning, i reckon im gonna try to hit the ground running today. Aloha


Do you live in Hawaii ? I’m basing my assumption less on your ‘aloha’ and more on your timezone :smiley:

Anyhow 1am is not an ordinary wakeup time. But if you’re used to it…

Good luck with your reading. What is your field of study?

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Yes, my ordinary wake up time is 2:35 during the week as my school goes from 4am-noon. It sucks but I am passionate about what I am studying-medicine
Thank you for the wishes. Hope you have an awesome day too


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