Why's my life a total bro fest?

its really starting to wear on me. Dudes and more dudes. Just bitching.

haha…at least you know people man. I miss all the dudes I used to hang with. enjoy it while it lasts. as we get older groups of dudes are hard to come by. haha.

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A man walked into a bar in Texas and said, “The governor of Massachusetts is such a horse’s ass.” A local then felt compassion for the lost traveler, and wanting to educate the fellow said, “Mister, this here is Horse country, and we don’t like our Dear Ones insulted.”

Didn’t you call Schizophrenia a bitch?


It must be the law of attraction…

Kidding :slight_smile:

Try Pof.com or the bar if you like bars . It’s a bit tricky to meet new people these days with the influx of technology taking over

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Lol dude. Maybe hahaha, but I’m the one bitching about it.

Maybe jukebox is right I should make the best of it.

@Jayster I’ve called schizophrenia many things

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