Why would you want this


Dh thought it was January in the middle of July. Anyone else on here love the Looney tunes.


I love roadrunner


Same here. I can relate but bugz is the ■■■■. And so is foghorn leghorn.


I like the latest Looney tunes. New humour. New generation


I gotta revoke my like. I give you credit for liking the tunes bro, but that hand drawn ■■■■. That’s where it’s at.


Just watching the fellowship of the ring. The sz Gollum, Frodo talking to voices.:joy:


Maybe you could find a hobby? Do you like music? You could download fl studio for free and try your hand at producing. They just came out with a new version too! You could also download 5 of your favorite songs and go for an intense run for 30 minutes. Endorphins! :slight_smile:





I’m was blazing saddles. I hit my post count that day for some reason.


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