Why would the illness fool us into hearing people, and thinking its real people

I’m almost happy when I hear Westerns coming from the living room, no t.v. on, cuz it’s just noise, no actual single voice.
maybe we take everything
we’ve heard, and turn it on us!
some people have hinted,
Some people would say, Why would you want to think that about yourself?

Phil: “and how does this relate to me, what am I supposed to say?” Phil, I could have found a better mail-in partner than you.

you did too! Catholic Singles newspaper. don’t know why, I had so much more to do than spend it on a man.

I don’t like hearing my family upset.

  1. they’re upset thats a bummer

  2. I don’t want to potentially have a voice saying the same things with really good accents of my family

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