Why would i leave the house

outing suck…!

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What makes them suck for you?

I don’t like crowded places, and I hate stores because of the lighting. But being outside when the weather is nice is good for me.

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I don’t do it much myself. Just going to the grocery store feels like running a gauntlet. I met a friend at a community college campus last week and that, though I stayed a few hours, was too much. If I had an ally (I’m certain I do but they def keep their distance) to go places with. As it is though, it sucks, I’m a recluse, me and my cat. I go to a clubhouse three days a week which helps but even that can be too stressful at times.

I feel like I’d be recovering at this point too, and perhaps I am beginning to, but the forces of evil keep me within my own walls much of the time.

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I’m ambivalent about outings because of the stress I feel when I have them. It is refreshing to get a change in my routine. My brother is coming next Friday, and we’re going to see the Crystal Bridges Museum again. That place is incredible. I feel a little trepidation about it, but it’s worth it.