Why Would I Ever Believe Those Voices Were Anything Else?

I have to wonder sometimes whether or not my brain was just a leper brain like a rocket egg I found in a coop that’s just happened to be “homegrown” on the spine vine, or is it…

…is it something that I learned to do kind of like learning to masturbate as though there is someone there with you that you are passionate to and being passionate back to you too. LOL If you know what kind of mind capacities it takes to pull that off similar to what kind of computer capacities it would take to pull something like that off, then you have begun to think the right way about it. We aren’t talking hocus pocus sci fi hoaxes. We’re talking “what is it we do in our heads” which is a lovely topic of course.

When I was growing up, I didn’t wear anybody’s coat. By coat I mean I didn’t blend in with anyone or fit a certain fashion, culture, belief, code language or anything like that. I was just as natural about everything as possible, and I could try anything, and then not be hooked on it the next day. I never struck out to overachieve at anything, but I always stayed 1, 2, 3 steps ahead of the bear if you know what I mean. Never first. Never last.

Later on in high school I was going to another state and another kind of school system. That’s when I started picking up “coats.” I was interested in what styles meant what, and then I started buying clothes that went with that. I started talking the lingo, and of course smoking cannabis and sometimes alcohol on the weekends.

This is when I was putting on “my coat.” I never knew as many people, nor was I as cool, calm, and collected with anyone I wanted to be, and I felt brilliant. We didn’t abuse a bunch of substances because we couldn’t afford much which was a good thing. We had all kinds of information and thinking practice flowing through us because we were in school, so we never ran out of things to say. Had I had stayed one more year, and if I had finished high school on that ticket, I would have been a completely other person. Instead I graduated in 3 years instead of 4 because of my credits etc.

The junior year coat. I tried to replicate that after I got out of the military. I even tried to replicate it while I was in the military. I didn’t know what psychology was let alone anything about how it worked or what it was going to be for me later on.

I do believe my ignorance was my demise because in my journals which I take very logically now I refer to myself as in who I was back then to be a kind of “cult flub.” I was doing entheogens. I was doing the social ceremony. I was believing in supernatural nonsense most notably mind reading. I thought people could read my mind, but really it was simply another kind of “social fact” that they were acting part of.

This is what I kept drilling into my head for 3 years straight. I lost my would be wife. I lost jobs. I even committed non-violent felonies, and I wound up in jail twice before being released at hearings.

In those three years everything went from being that guy that was never first and never last to being dead last in the whole city. Even career criminals could not go this low psychologically. Do you know what I mean? I lost my mind which simply means that what was happening inside my mind to me was happening outside my mind, and what was happening outside my mind was happening inside out.

Cooked. Upside down and inside out. Screw balled.

Well…being homeless was next, and I’d be homeless for 2 years. This was a long time ago. The man that is writing this now and that boy are two very different people, but I wish that he had known me, so that he would not regret when he reached this date on the calendar today.

Since then I’ve put on many more coats like contractor, athlete, Wall St. researcher and trader, Political Researcher and Reporter, Writer, Steady Boyfriend, Public Street Reprimanded on top of people that get out of hand in the metro, Student, and the list goes on and on. Fortunately I refused to wear the homeless coat for more than 2 years. When I figured out how this really worked, I became very avid at make money and even going to school from on the street before moving indoors. I took that coat off, and I never looked back, but…

…my scz coat has always remained on.

I also picked up a very conservative coat about honesty, keeping promises, never on any account breaking laws, always doing the best I can in any obligation I’m in to anyone, being very physically fit, mental sharp, and researched, learned, and practiced as I possibly can be, and most of all very experienced in as many things to make myself very well rounded as far as my applicability to real world community life and life coaching goes.

So a very thick coat I put on.

By “coat” I am implying the kind of people you identify with and the kind of thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, word styles, cloth styles, etc. I’ve been about many things in all of these respects, and then I’d be about something else that I found to be better.

So the question is, “What Does the SCZ Voices Coat Do for Us?”

I wrote all about myself and all about my coats here, and so now I have to ask about our SCZ COAT.

This comes from a point of a few concepts:

  1. Information and Logic primarily with mechanical psychology secondarily.

  2. Conditioning through practice, routine, and “extrapolation through exponential deductive thinking processes” which is processing information, behaving accordingly on a routine basis, thus embedding it mechanically into the mental faculty logic which process information through much more expediently and concisely, thus altering the paradigmatic world outlook and self appraisal.

  3. The “double jointed religion.”

The way it went for me…

…was that I basically was making my thoughts, feelings, patterns I saw and heard, orders of fact as things happened in day to day events or in my life overall and so forth out to be communication with either people telepathically or the supernatural telepathically.

I, in other words, were a mental switchboard for just about everyone, but…

…just my own stupid self…realistically.

I have to note that hearing voices is not something unusual for people. There’s even something that would surprise you about psychology call synesthesia. Here’s the thing. As long as people are not suffering from a mental faculty, they are not claiming they should be diagnosed. It just doesn’t fit their agenda because of the culture coat they are wearing. It doesn’t fit them, but there are plenty of variations of psychology, and common population simply refers to the personality when it comes to those differences which can be minute to being enormous differences creating completely different sets of talents, knowledge capacity, output performance of various kinds…you get the picture.

Yes, someone can have a rare mental faculty, or someone can be a rare case of a person that is missing a mental faculty, and that will affect the output performance or “personality.” Someone can have a better form of memory such as person with a photographic memory.

There are several kinds of memory by the way. Memory is a “mental faculty,” and how it is retrieved varies depending on the sensation mental faculties that retrieve it such as the audio, visual, feeling, proximity…

Memory functions as an information input into the mind synergy of mental faculties.

You cannot raise the external sensory input very much. The margins for increase and decrease are very tight.

You cannot do much for mental faculties as in augment one or some of them, drop one or some in order to allow the others to function at a higher performance level, and in the end have what you would call a very talented or genius level personality. But these sensation mental faculties are information inputs the same way as the external senses are. When you are idle, your mind is driving off of info fuel from alternate mental faculty sensation renditions cross feeding each other. It’s kind of a symbiotic system like a V8 where as long as their is fire the pistons keep pumping the other pistons which in turn keep pumping the other pistons and so on. That fire is like the food and oxygen in this simile. The fuel and the Oxygen or O2 which is another type of fuel most people don’t recognize as being a “fuel” are like the information flows into the brain.

The brain has three info flows: 5 senses, memory, and cross rendering between the alternating sensations from the skew of mental faculties rendering the information in a sensational form factor.

The last kind of information above works similarly to the way the pistons are in a symbiotic revolution where the rise of some complete affect the cycles of the others, and vice versa the other way. As long as the food and air is there, these alternating mental faculties continue to pump each other similarly to the pistons as they input information into each other simply by rendering information into sensation to begin with. It is an info and rendition synergy which is very, very important to understand.

So we can’t do much with our 5 senses. We can’t do much with our mental faculties other than memory.

The more we increase our memory faculty’s abilities, the result is the rest of the mental faculties increase their combinatoric output quality of output that much better. It is an exponential increase in quality of output.

This exponential increase in value of the alternating sensation experience renditions due to increased memory quality determines what kind of talent or knowledge level you will have. People like Elon Musk, Einstein, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods all have very high memory quality.

Think about this. Everything that you get off of the internet is from memory. Everything that you get from off of your computer is from memory. Everything put out from on TV is out of a memory bank somewhere. Without memory as in books and talented people to inform us we would be living in the bushes.

It is the same world all around you regardless of 10,000 years ago or currently or 10,000 years from now, but the memory is much different in all three, thus the global civilization behaves quite a lot differently in all three times.

Information always comes before anything else, and then mood comes after, and then action. So if there’s no information, there’s no mood. If there is false information, then there’s the action accordingly.

Information is similar to gasoline and O2 in the engine. Without it, there is no movement.

So I gave the example of being a boy that had really “no coat.” What I mean is that I had little information, and I didn’t take what I had to heart. Then when I went to a new school, my information resources changed because the studentry which held the information changed, thus my behavior changed. If it were not for those students at that school, I would not have changed the way I changed.

I had a new coat on, and it was based on what I believed which caused what I did habitually which caused what the information was that I was “ingesting” through my external senses in reaction to my actions which caused me to “think” new information with a new data base in my memory. Remember that thinking is deducing, and that is a matter of using memory and alternating sensation experiences rendered by alternating mental faculties cross feeding each other. The subconscious part of these where the information is actually processed through the logic is very important in this process, but I won’t more about it.

So in school I had lots of information, I had friends, I had cannabis and drink on the weekends, I had books and tests and so forth, so I had a lot of information spinning my mental pistons up. After I was out of school I had about 95% of all of that information intake and recycling removed from my life. I only had a very slim strain of information, but I had an abundance of cannabis entheogen with a new fear about the real world, minimal food, thus minimal spark like the ignition spark that fires the fuel in the engine.

So no matter what I was doing to “remake” my high school happy days it was never going to happen, but I tried with more drugs and more pseudo religious practices for 3 years.

So what was the kind of “coat” I was wearing?

Well…most people would say a the loser’s coat, and I would agree. Others would just say a schizophrenic’s, and that is true to, or at least that is what became of those days after high school.

But can we find and evidence of any informational and mechanical substance that appeared before the actual onset of crippling scz? Yes we can.

We should consider also the information changes due to having left school (private boarding school) for a new city I’d never been to on my own alone, so it’s not simply just an information change, but information deficits which create different information flows from the memory and the alternating mental faculty renditions.

I want to introduce a new concept, and this will be the new “coat” I want to talk about.

Imagine if you will that you are born with more limbs than you have now. How would you adapt to them? You would adapt to them, right?

Imagine if you were born with less limbs than you have. You would adapt accordingly, right?

Well…about more sensation experience faculties than you have now? Less of them? You’d adapt accordingly I suppose.

What if you became a driver and a tree climber as a kid, and someone somewhere else became a student in a class room? Your two brains would adapt accordingly, right?

In other words the brain’s logic which is a physical, mechanical phenomenon configures itself according to the information available by any of the 3 input sources. Notice I don’t mention any ESP or magic information inputs here. That’s very important in determining what is logical and what is impossible, and if you miss the mark on this, you miss out on a lot in life.

It’s very interesting how a physical change within what was only food recently before the change is then changed by a phenomenon called information. That’s impressive in my book.

Imagine if you were double jointed, and you actually survived your way with your double jointed abilities. When other people try doing the same tasks and work as you do, they can’t figure out how to do it as good as you because their joints are “single jointed.” Their bones bend only one direction, but yours bend in both directions for our simile here to demonstrate what I mean in the case of psychological phenomenon.

So now let’s say that the scz is a double jointed mind in a way that others are not.

Let’s also say that other people are double jointed in other ways.

And even still other people are double jointed in yet other ways.

So for example if you know language A, that means you are double jointed that way. Language B, and you are not double jointed in the way that people are for their language A, and so on.

Or let’s say for example you are an athlete, and you are double jointed for those skills, but you are not so for musicianship which other people are double jointed for but not for sports.

Or we can say the same thing about accents. When you study people’s accents, what you find is that it’s a matter of self control in terms of mental proprioception and socio-propriation which is a kind of moral vs. immoral or right vs. wrong kind of concept. People say things with vowels in their breath and with nuances with their teeth, tongue, cheeks, chest, diaphragm, throat, lips, and nose. They are nuances that put a “spin” on the words or in other words that put out a certain context of the “airs” that surround a person who does so in order to control the other people’s sense of “socio-propriation” as they sense their social airs and their mental proprioception as they sense what is information from within which is distinct as not being information from external which often get mixed up, and therefore dilute logical concepts while people are receiving the message from other people. Even a matter of what is meant socially over what is meant anti socially or vice versa is implied by tiny nuances such as this.

We can say that some people are better at that than others, and it is a “kind of double jointing” like the rest of my simile above. We can also say that different people’s from different regions do it differently. You will find these things if you explore different cultures from different regions.

So as you can see with all of the examples and questions above you have something in common.

First, is information. Information is imperative to conditioning, and information is environmental. There were the specific number of limbs in the environment, there were specific coaches and instructors in the environment, and there were specific cultures in the environment when it came to the languages and language accent or nuance control.

The information becomes conditioned into the logic of the subconscious mechanical brain, and therefore…

…the double jointed bones so to speak are form specifically for that nature of information and conditioning that took place during a development phase.

And as you know if you sample 100 people above the age of 24, you will find that they cannot switch their double jointed nature. They are stuck that way with their accents, their particular tastes in cultural foods, their particular sport or craft such as school study or climbing and driving, musical instrument etc. They will always talk the way they talk in other people’s language or dialect which is with a different accent. They will always play a sport or an instrument like they barely played before no matter how much they practice the rest of their lives…with an amateur accent.

So in other words the “coats” they became. They didn’t just take them off after awhile, but they were literally transformed by the “coats” they had on for multiple years.

A. With a schizophrenic’s double jointing that is to say that any information at all in the sensation experiences is a message from another person or being and is also able to be broadcasted and read by the same in reverse. In other words every sensation contains information, and it all is unprivate as if they were “bugged” inside of their head which is just like the scz’s that really believe they are bugged.

B. Everyone else will say that none of their mental info is perceptible, or they will say once in a while that it was perceptible by a higher being, but no big deal because they are too busy, and they’ll do whatever…etc etc.

For the most part A is double jointing, and B is not double jointing…

…like we would expect.

Now…everyone is going to be doing something with their lives, so they are all going to be double jointing in some way which is inline with my simile ongoing going here.

So while such and such people were double joint forming around actually socially communicating with people all of the time, others may have been indulging in research, hobbies, talent training, work and so forth.

So after several years, that is what they do well, and they think very logically about those things because they are fully fluent in those kinds of logicalities or how and why those areas of logicality function the way they do including their own functions in regard to the functions around those logicalities. In other words they become very well verse inside themselves and outside themselves in relation between themselves and what it is they are occupied with the most.

There is a saying that goes like if you know how, you’ll have a job, but if you know why, you’ll be the boss.

So these people know why because they know the logic. An example would be me for example who thought that people were telepathic because of the way they understood me without me saying anything to elude to it. I felt very transparent, but really it was the same routine over and over which I never acknowledged, and they had been very well versed in the logicality of socializing for many years while I had not. Thus they were much more double jointed in double speak or speaking between the lines, nuance control of the oration controls, and “why” such and such and so on about how their minds work and how others’ minds work more so than I even knew about my own mind…

…which leads back to my “scz double jointing.”

So while I was doing drugs with them sitting on their couches etc while they were non-stop talking with each other, I was thinking that they were telepathic…with little of nothing to ever say. And I did this very frequently for 3 years. It was like a crazy cult ceremony with entheogens of which I was the sucker, and they were the magistrates. I guess I fell for it harder than they could have imagined of course.

So their minds were “double jointed” so to speak in regards to other people’s minds sensations are affected by nuance controls from the information that they express in their speech and bodily actions which was all very routine to them after that many years of doing it with families and in schools etc, and I was double jointing so to speak in regards to supernatural nonsense.

Remember that I was high on drugs each and every time for the “ceremony,” wearing the “cult club coat,” and therefore in a constant state of mind where I could retain that kind of thinking…that I was somehow supernaturally double jointed.

Now of course I wanted to wear their coat, and grow up to say things like them, but that was never going to happen. The coats I wore growing up made me apt at completely other things that I as not even in right mind to be thinking about while the coats that they were wearing growing up made it so that this was the first and foremost priority and aptitude that they have still to this day. I do not know these people any more by the way although I should try to contact them again for my own personal therapy.

So how long does it take to learn a new “language and culture?”

Well, I picked up several skills in just 3 years. I could learn to read in less time than that. I could learn to do math in less time than that. Learn to climb, play ball, play an instrument, how to fit in with a new group, a whole different field of research and work… I could even learn a language very well in that amount of time.

So now what are the consequences of learning the “double jointed telepathy language?”

The effects of that kind of pseudo “mind language with the self” and the inherent suggest culture that arises from it as it implies culture or a kind of “coat” that is not real, but from the mental point of view of the person in the middle of it it is as real as a knife through the feet and hands.

And remember the three sources of information in comparison with the engine. I was fueling not with food only, but I was using enthegen chemicals as well to heighten that state of pretend I was locked into. Remember that that’s what I wanted, so I was focused. I wasn’t lethargic about it. I wanted that kind of coat, and that was the focus of my life for 3 years straight without a break. I was dedicated to that as a talent person would be such as a ball player going pro, a contractor going pro, a musician going proc, a researcher going all of the way etc. I was an obscure moron, but I was a very dedicated one when it came to whatever coat I was wearing ever since that last year of high school. I have worn many coats, and many not few of them I took very passionately and dedicatedly.

So the implications of the sensations of the mental faculty renderings once they are “double jointed” in a way that suggests any form of thought broadcasting and telepathic reception 100% of the time day or night are:

  1. A thought or a sensation such as the image of a sign at a specific time etc are perceptible by other people uniformly and/or other beings or even technologies sometimes.

  2. The world is full of magic beings (people etc), and they are more magically powered than oneself, thus having more mental control over them as if the scz is a mental prosthetic arm or leg of them, yet more like a prosthetic brain mind appended to their minds.

  3. Telepathic information is received and broadcast not as information flows into the subconscious before being rendered by the mental faculties, but they are wholly and devoutly believed to travel as the renditions themselves. MARK MY WORD> An scz believing that images and sounds and such are actually transmitted as the images, sounds, and such “whole” or already “rendered in complete sensation form,” but what they don’t understand about psychology is that “information rendered by a brain into sensation experiences” occurs from three information sources named above, and occurs at the subconscious level as a necessary pretext to the conscious rendition level.

3b. They are in the belief that the “sensations” already completed by the other brains are jumping from one to another, and there is no “information nor subconscious logic” in their pseudo cult religions.

Now…I’ll cycle back through all of this. Remember that…

…you come to the world knowing nothing fully naked. You find people, and you learn what they do, know, and how they talk, and this is your “coat.” You wear coat which is information such as knowledge, beliefs, accents, kinds of clothes etc. You later find other people that you like better or that you need to stick around with, so you change your coat or you don’t.

Either way the coat forms your personality through repetitive behavior and through perceptive understanding. When a person learns new information, they change their mind. When a person learns a new language, they learn from new minds, and their mind is further changed. Per my narrative above languages are learn, sports, music, accents, jobs, etc, so they are all coats and conditioning all the same. For my narrative here the power of the learned language skills and culture is equal to the learnt athletic skills and work.

Again…naked…clothed in your new coat…changed to fit the coat…change the coat…change to fit the coat and so on.

You use drugs, adopt a new religion with a new cult, fall into a trance over and over believing in it for 3 years, and BOOM! The coat becomes conditioned, the mind becomes a mind becomes a telepathic theater stage with actors all over it, and…

…that is your new coat that you are wearing all over the place.

You are literally seeing people in the whole belief that they are “telepathic and magic.”

There are formal cults that do this kind of thing: San Muerte and Santeria in Mexico and CA, Mohomadanism, Aztecs, Mayans, Head Hunters that shrink the heads, the cannibals and thuggees of India and so on and so forth. There’s so many that they cannot all be listed, and this is the coat that they wear in public and while thinking about other people. There’s even satanic cults that the elitists use.

Of course there are people that know how logic in their minds and reality work, so they know how to use it at the ceremonies and conduct the ceremonies, but the suckers that the attract do not. The suckers want to believe in it, and eventually it’s all they know and do. If it’s a moral kind, then the people become very moral and dutiful to other people. If it is about murder, genocide, sexual molestation, cannibalism etc, then that is what they do to people.

A gang can take people, and in a few years have drug addicts doing all kinds of crime and murders for them for a dime a dozen. So imagine going a step higher, and using some kind of supernatural religion bait to get them all of the way into that kind of “paradigmatic world and self view.”

I’ve seen a lot of videos of this stuff because I’ve researched it because I’m a civilization science researcher of several years. Civilization science is a “global science” composed of many sublet sciences such as theology, anthropology, history, economics, military, law, organization structure, informational ontology in combination with psychological logic mechanisms and on and on not to forget philosophy. So it doesn’t include geology because rock science is not related to civilization, but when the rocks become technological devices, then it falls under civilization science. Politics, societies, and cultures movements are big ones in it.

So…can you forget a language? Maybe, right? But if you use that language every day more than any other language, can you? No.

The only way you forget a language like that is you stop using it for a lot of years, and you are always occupied with trying to wear “other coats.”

So once you are locked into the “double jointed schizophrenic social mind of magic thoughts,” you can’t forget it because you can’t stop using it. The mere thoughts and sensations for simply existing are “double jointed” so to speak or magic, and that cycles more scz.

You could meditate a lot and/or take the medications, and this of course reduces the use of this “language of the mind with itself” which is a kind of masturbation with your favorite imaginary love partners complete with affection for you, and so by reducing that kind of use of your brain’s faculties, the language has a chance to be forgotten at least to a degree. Any reduction of it from your day to day experiences in your memory will reduce the scz sensation experience renditions exponentially.

In other words if the memories are not scz in nature for a long time, then the psychological renditions of information from memory are not as schizophrenic in nature.

From what I know about common people’s psychology, and my own, and abnormal psychology…

…there is always an issue surrounding both socio-propriation and mental proprioception. The first is about what is socially in such as how you talk, dress, act, think etc, and the other is your sense of what is from within you being just that vs. what is information from outside of you being just that. The reason these two phenomena matter his because of the inherent logic that determines how competant or practical a person will be.

In other words these are of constant importance psychologically to civilization because it determines your aptitudinal value or use, and it determines your personality as a whole.

So they say that nerds are not very socio-propriation proficient, and popular people are very apt in that regard. The stereotype is something that is believed or observed about the inherent logic that the more people that a person attracts around themselves, the more of the social logicality they have learned, thus the more developed their coat of socio-propriation. The nerds supposedly do not attract so many people, thus inherently they are not as avidly apt in the area of social-propriation.

I have found that in times of high social propriation performance due to frequent social interactions, my mental proprioception sense increased in aptitude which changes the logic thus my performance both in coordination and in communication.

The result in years my own experiences and observed about other people is that they have an increased sense of mental proprioception.

A person can be born or incur chemical changes or damages due to the environment such as injuries which can affect the quality of specific mental faculties. Also the “coat the person has been wearing or hasn’t worn” can affect specific mental faculties.

Case in point the faculty for mental proprioception may not be very well hardwired in a person, and the person may be physically injured further decreasing it’s quality of rendition of information into a sense experience. Substance abuses and malnutrition as well as stress can further degrade this mental faculty’s rendition of experiences which discern what is mental in origination and what is external in origination.

I believe that with the degradation of the mental proprioception quality allows for a person to “wear the coat of double jointed scz perfectly.”

In other words the “magic telepathy” with the self is a coat that not everyone can wear permanently like the scz because it doesn’t fit. For most people it would be like trying to believe that what goes up must fall up, and it is simply so non-applicable to the logicality in their working reality namely their inner selves functions and the observed functions of other people and things combined that this coat never fits on them. The logical fallacy simply does not compute the same way.

But a lifelong poor, frequently lonely, damaged, not fully developed, malnourished, stressed, and/or inebriated brain is the kind of brain that can fall into this kind of “self language and self culture” coat, and once it is “lit,” it cannot be reversed only slowed down simply by slowing the amount of information into this malfunctioning orchestration of “falsely valued meter needles on the mental faculties” so to speak which are registering information as having the values of absolute fallacious logicality about what is and isn’t happening to them, around them, and within them.

Because in order to pass this kind of “logicality” into the mechanical conditioning of the brains logic architecture on the subconscious level which is pre-sensation rendition level the strong sense of inside mind vs. outside world has to be virtually eliminated. Not only that but there has to be some major incentive there to be so devoted to this particular “coat” in order that it would stay on very tightly and almost all of the time for years in a row.

It has to be obsessed about, and that requires a kind of lack of social life, a kind of work or school life, a kind of home life, and a kind of lack of occupation in order that the mind is not focusing on other things, and that this “coat” is so special, euphoric, higher state of being, and just life changing, that they will not give it up for nothing.

So they have to be in love with it, they have to need it, they can’t have any diversions in their life whether before in life or at the time, so that they don’t know any better than it, and it has to be constantly hammered into them by other people and/or themselves as if they were training for the big event such as Navy SEALS training to pull off special ops with an elite degree of talent in a situation where the margins are so tight without wiggle room or the kind of talent you would expect out of a symphony orchestra player.

They are literally going to believe that their thoughts and feelings, the things around them including the people, and the universe, and the normal audio babble from their memory or that randomly occur because they listen to people talk or sing a lot, and they are going to hold that concept very, very well as if they were holding a musical note for as long as possible without wavering, and this is what they are trying very, very hard to do because this is everything they want to mean and be capable of saying they have done it.

The reason this is such a high degree of talent like I’m saying here is because they are literally going to not just believe that their brain is other people talking to them in various ways because there are various mental faculties which render different sensation experiences, but they are going to have to forget whatever anyone else ever said or would not say, and they are going to actually have to “talk back to themselves without actually sensing that it is themselves talking back to their thoughts etc.”

In other words this talent requires such dedication and conditioning that "when the ventriloquist talks through the dummy, the ventriloquist does not know that the dummy is really one’s own self.

This means that there is a very high degree of faculty rendering manipulation similar to how the very pro talents including athletic, music, and meditation can do, so that the information that is being utilized within the logic factories is specialized or combed to eliminate the use of non-applicable information, so that the logical dedication between rendering mental faculties is purely one kind of rendition focused on the task and goal at hand.

We know that if we limit the processes of the brain, we control the information that it processes, and thus the information that is recorded which stems from the sensation experiences is managed accordingly. Those memory recordings of sensations and their subject logicalities is therefore managed as well. As these managed memories are recycled through the logic factories into renditions which are cross feeding each other, they to are managed according to the original manipulation of the brain.

Again that is how medications work for scz’s, and that is how very talented people control their brains to be used for those higher level performances. They harness the subconscious by learning and practicing control of the information flows that feed the mental faculties, and therefore there is an exponential performance output from the brain. The experience of that performance is recorded into memory, and the memory is recycled through the logic factories again further increasing performance levels.

So the new and learning scz is doing much the same in the beginning which is a matter of constant practice controlling the information simply through the beliefs about the values of their sensation experiences. It’s a way of like like a pro ball player, pro speech giver, musician, mediator, contractor etc. In my book I would call these technically religions as religions are what one does “religiously” with ones thoughts and thus their behavior inherently, but I don’t believe most would agree because of the effects of this phenomenon on themselves.

Was it very hard to do? I believe it was very easy, and now I return back to the beginning of this post by explaining that this is why I believed that my voices were magic.

Please keep the thread on topic. I will appreciate you very much.

If you don’t, i will forgive you very much.

I’m looking for additional or new angles on this perspective. Thanks

write a book mate


My plan has been for a little over the past 10 years to just write freely while young, and then pull out what is important from those years of writing later in my age to write more formal compilations or “grand pictures” of various principles. Kind of touristic trips through phenomena that you understand until you have taken “the tour.”

I’m not there yet, but I feel closer than ever. The “fire hose” of concepts has sort of begun to diminish. I’m sure I could just make my activity more active, and change the diet up to raise the ceiling a little in my mind, so that there’s more “fire hose ideation.”

It could be ten years before I write a book. I have some ideas about documentary and even movie productions. I need to raise the funds for that kind of “expedition,” and I have the means to raise it.

Would you read the book, and why? Would you prefer a book over an hour long documentary or a 2 hour movie? When books are read out loud, they go on average about 7 hours or more non-stop without any speed reading…just for comparisons.

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I wouldn’t read the book cos I don’t read anymore. I have no concentration…


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