Why weed makes us crazy

I have schizoaffective disorder and am pretty well under control most of the time due to medication and making the right choices most of the time. But mamn, I feel absolutely insane whenever I have just a small amount of pot. I have enjoyed a few different drugs in my time but weed is just hectic for me. What is it about it that makes me so allergic.


I really don’t like the high of weed. Alcohol was my drug of choice, God help me.


Alcohol always gives me splitting migraines. Anytime I drink, I am always sorry afterwards.

Weed sometimes makes me either paranoid, depressed, hallucinatory or manic. It’s not good for me, but I do it anyway because the stuff helps me sleep. I take the legal edibles.

The smart thing would be to quit if you know what it does to you. A lot of people with schizophrenia can’t handle pot. It might have been fine with you to smoke pot before you got sick, but schizophrenia changes things and the chances are that the bad affect on you is not going to change and get better.

Believe me, it used to be the same for me and I had to learn the hard way that pot disagrees with me and that’s not going to change.


This might not be right but it is a fair question to ask is today’s society where we have all this legal stuff going on as to what strange and different kinds will make you more susceptible to symptoms of schizophrenia I personally do not do that type of stuff but if I did I would say it was creeper

I’m pretty sure the medication tries 2 reject it.

I got high a couple times on medication (stupid I know) and I sneezed a couple times.

People say that they use it for anxiety but I think it causes more anxiety than it prevents.

Weed is a definite no-no for SZ on meds.


Schizophrenics need to avoid weed like the plague.
I Haven’t smoked weed since January 26th 2020… the day Kobe died

Trying to bring this thread to a less pro-drug theme…

I’m not sure what exactly is the medical reason for THC to make a sz’ers head go bonkers. Anytime I’ve used it, it’s been a disaster. Would rather have my head crushed between two bricks. Totally ruins the whole week for me. Haven’t touched the shizz since 2000, when I was 18. Friggin’ never again. It’s a pretty clear line for me not to cross. Plus with the added potency of the stuff since 2000, I might never come down from that high like someone who took too much LSD and is on a permanent acid trip.

Story of my life.

(Never done LSD tho)

sorry about all this. got a ? dose it feel like a naing buzzing vibe in side the body. i had this once my self. med’s gotoo hate them.

I’ve never been high on weed. I sometimes wonder what it is like, but I know the last thing I need is another vice so I avoid it.

it’s too activating for introverts

I think that peeps who suffer from heavy delusions of reference normally see the most horrid places after smoking !

I miss smoking weed. I used to smoke it occasionally. Haven’t touched the stuff since I got sick. Won’t touch it again since I’m vulnerable to psychosis.

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