Why we compete


Because we have a tail, the coccyx.

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Because I like having a good paycheque, eating great food, and getting laid.


That’s what I was going to say. Still, we need to keep in mind the rules of fair competition. Live and let live.

@velociraptor thank-you for sending the good vibes!! Just got hired for the position I wanted.


I also like to… eat… food.

No loading hollow points?!?

Among other things, yes.

You wreck all of my fun.


Gym class was hell for me. I could never understand the logic of running and sweating my ass off just to say, We Are The Champions.

Competition is fine but there are too many dicks on the court.

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I couldn’t run, period, Had to settle for making the jock douches look bad academically.

It wasn’t difficult. I mean, I could have not showed up and still outdid 75% of them.

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I hated gym class. Couldn’t use the bar, couldn’t run faster than everyone, barely could do the push ups. But I still took soccer and basketball in HS. I got really good at both. Basketball I improved a lot on the girl’s basketball team. In soccer I was on the senior’s team with boys, and that was a bit much. May have led to my breakdown, just pushing myself to the extremes in every way.

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My fam. has had to constantly remind me that I take on too much. Learning not to be competitive is what is helpful to me and not compare my success or lack thereof to anothers.

Imagine a world without competition. Things would stagnate.

We are in competition cause we’re gods creatures, part of nature( in a jungle)

, or we additionally at times act like gods children, a term I use on myself also, it has a calming effect if you are in a long term argument or something like that.

Probably cuz we’re type A personality and not weed addicts….

Oh wait….

I only compete at the one thing I know I’m better at than 90% of amateurs

And that’s sports. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, any sport really. I excel. And I feel comfortable competing. Social competition not so much.

It holds me back. But I never would wanna commit to social competition.

Even when arguing about sports I don’t argue with many people. Even if I know I’m right. Because I doubt myself when they start talking all confidently like they know it all. Freaking Not worth it usually.

Only time I do compete socially well is on a stage. Like a presentation or debate in school. When were judged fairly (by a teacher) I can (and do) excel

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