Why we can't predict the future !?!

some people can , but they are very rare…i suspect if you think you are or through dreams or knowing, remember we are sz and think that we can do many things, last week i thought i was a secret agent, you get the picture !!
some things to ask your self,
if i can control the future/predict, then why haven’t i won the lotto?
if my mind is so powerful , why can’t i make people do what i want ?
if others can read my thoughts why are they not running away screaming ?
of all the dreams i have had how many have come true ?

it is important that we be aware of life and the connection of all things, all things are matter, therefore energy, therefore connected.
but as sz we can over interpret/analyze what we hear and see and dream , and then get stuck on our sz merry go round.
having perspective is important, sprinkled with a bit of objectivity !!
then find the true meaning…
take care
p.s if you get a bad dream or message heed the warning, take action as in warn the other person, but don’t obsess

hope this helps


There is a huge difference between those psychics who predict things in value terms that can be read into with numerous interpretations…Then there are false prophets who make predictions that never happen.

I get the revelations, SOMETIMES. They do not come from me but from God or angels…and they do not happen often. It’s not something we can turn on and off at will…it comes from outside elements and operates according to Gods will and timing, not our own.

I was not expecting when a voice told me to pull into the slow lane and slow down because a cop was coming…but I acted on it, it was safe to do, and sure enough a cop came flying by…that happened twice in one month actually. So in a sense i changed my future in that if he had come up behind me speeding I might have got a ticket!


i get messages also and i heed the warnings and act , but it is important that we don’t obsess or think that we are gods or prophets.
a guy thought he was jesus and walked out of the second floor window because he thought he could fly…he couldn’t…it was a long stay in hospital.
we all have gifts, but also limitations.
take care


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Thank you for this. very timely. I’ve been fighting this one off hard. Logically, I know it’s just a dream, it’s just an idea. But my head circus likes to argue and then I’m in trouble.

Bang… the slap of reality that I will hold on to while telling myself my problem is just a dream. :smile:

If I do win the lotto… I’ll owe you some :moneybag:


True, I agree…test the spirits…some is just common sense stuff…like when people get the urge to jump out a window, off a bridge, etc…or believing you are Jesus…some may be prophets but if you read about the prophets in the Bible they didn’t have an easy life, and even they did not get huge revelations constantly. The books that are written only account for a small part of their lives…


Well I’m not like you people. I know the winning lottery numbers. 17 6 24 11 22. Good luck :wink:

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The future is very rarely given to us literally, it’s all about interpretation, what symbols represent to us, and if it’s personal or global.


Quite true. though I have had literal visions that were not symbolic…back in 93 when i was writing and said something about water and wind causing major damage in the central U.S. I didn’t know exactly where. When I closed my eyes i saw a clear picture of farm houses and fields under water with only the roofs visible…4 months later I saw that exact same picture on the news when the Mississippi flooded that summer.

But I can name 7 times in the past 33 years I actually had a dream or saw an image in my mind of what actually happened later… 1981, 1984, 1993 (twice) and 2003 (3 times)…2 were personal and 5 were national/global.

So that is hardly a regular occurrence that happens all the time.

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Lol, a few years ago (before the DX) I thought I was destined to win the lotto. I was at work and a customer came in and mentioned how high the jackpot was. I immediately thought it was a sign that I should play and will win. So I did and obviously didn’t win. Also, the next day my car’s odometer rolled over to 77,776 when I arrived at home. I was about a mile away from the convenience store so I drove there (77,777 when I pulled in) and played a second time… Still no winning ticket.

I spent hours mulling over why I didn’t win. I did something wrong? The universe was mad at me? I was supposed to choose numbers instead of getting a random ticket? The universe was f*****g with me? Idk. Turns out, I was most likely just being delusional before I knew what delusional was.

Anyway, I believe that we can and do predict the future. Though we can only sense the profound events in the future and even then it comes in abstract ways that must be decoded.


There were a few times in my life where I was/ am pretty convinced that I did predict the future. The biggest one being when I was 11.

My Mom was pregnant with my kid sis. But all the docs and the sonogram said that baby on the way was going to be a boy. Everyone just had so much proof that kid number 5 was going to be another boy.

But I KNEW that kid number 5 was going to be a girl. Mom and I actually argued about it when I would tell strangers and others that I had a baby sister coming.

So July 21 rolled around and I ended up with a baby sister. I was sure my power of prediction was just developing.


My 1981 dream was interesting in that there are more than one theory of how it happened. I dreamed of a girl I had seen a few times at the swimming pool where we lived…was living with friends at the time. In the dream I met the girl and we got together…I had never talked to her in real life, had only noticed her since she was the cutest girl at the pool…

I wake op from my dream and my friend tells me there’s a girl at the pool who likes me and wants to meet me, and I tell her who it is…she was like “How did you know that???” So I explained the dream. That day we were introduced and we got together.

Theories are that

  1. God gave me the dream.
  2. Natural ability to sometimes see future
  3. My sleeping brain picked up on the girls desires.
  4. My friend sitting there waiting to tell me the girl liked me unconsciously projected her thoughts into my dreams and i picked up on them…

Could be any one of those or a combination of 2 or more together…

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I get a sense of almost being on “hold” when presented with a life changing choice. I can look back on my life and know that the choice I made changed everything, or when I declined and it was just teasing me.

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I once predicted the outcome of coin flipping correctly 27 times in a row.

I could of kept on going but one guy kept doubling his bets that I would lose on the next flip.
He was beginning to sweat heavily due to him losing bet after bet.
I stopped flipping the coin and told him to forget about the money.

The odds of me correctly predicting the outcome of coin flipping 27 times in a row were 1 in 134,217,728.

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I found a two headed quarter in my change jar last year.
Still have it tucked away so it don’t get put back in circulation again.