Why we are swollen on aps? which organe suffers in fact?

I am swollen, even my mom says it. I just measured my heart and i have a pulsation of 96. The other measures are 120 and the down side-100…
Am i swollen because of my heart suffering on meds? Ir can it be the kydneys? somebody who knows something about this please?

I’m no expert, but I think a pulse rate of 96 isn’t too bad.

I think if anything suffers the slightest bit its long term use of anti-psychotics on the liver. Although studies show we live longer on anti-psychotics then off of them, so even if anti-psychotics take 3-5 years off your life, if we didn’t take them we’d die much younger from other causes.

I’m not sure, but some anti-psychotics can effect the heart maybe, you should ask a doctor about it because its possible as a side-effect, but it doesn’t happen to everyone from anti-psychotics…and probably only from certain anti-psychotics. Kidneys should be fine I think.

All I know for sure is that the brain suffers when off the anti-psychotics. Especially if you’ve been on them for a long time, I can’t come off them now that I’ve been on them so long. I used to be able to stop anti-psychotics. Sure I’d get an episode when I stopped them. Now I can’t stop them at all or else terrible withdrawal symptoms and worse symptoms than before. it is what it is. So I take my ability 15 mg every morning.

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Exercise will make u lose fat and lower ur resting heart rate

cris2433, i am not just fat, i am swollen… something in my body suffers from this med… whatever, i cant stop those pills…

i would ask ur doctor

Honestly, I think lack of movement and sunlight have more to do with it than anything else. Anyone who doesn’t exercise for nearly two decades will show the effects of it, regardless of medication. The best thing you can do for yourself is get out and get moving.


What do you mean by swollen? Are you talking about water retention or something else?? Um…As @Rhubot said well, it may just have something to do with inactivity and lack of sunlight. Exercising an hour a day would increase your blood circulation and make you feel energized. Maybe something to consider, huh?

@anna1 don’t worry, hold out and in the future a cure for your condition will be developed.
I am holding out for a cure.
I have a plan to swim for 3 hours every day to help me pass the time.

here i am again. do i look like i have some bad illness? lol
my face seems relatively ok still but my body is in very bad shape :confused:

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Whenever i have my psychotic episodes my face tends to swell up, i think its called water retention or something. What

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My head feels swollen. And no that’s not a joke on my high self esteem. I just woke up from a nap and my head feels puffy.

Your hair looks really cute like that!

120/100 is a little high, but not too bad. You can probably lower it if you keep up with dancing and riding your bike!

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If you’re not exercising properly, you will have problems with weight and water retention. That will also happen to people NOT taking APs who are living lifestyles that are too sedentary.