Why was my Sz and Cannabis post shut down?

I didn’t even get a chance to reply to some of the comments. What went wrong?

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I expect someone promoted the use of it of which is what you complained about, is it not?


If it was only that I’d be happy and content, alas, there is little indication that that’s what happened. For one thing no comment was hidden. I think it was an awkward post for the moderating team. And by the way, I never argued for banning discussion on hash or on anything, just pointing out some of the forums inconsistencies.

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Kids been in the hospital 3 times this week so I am not atmy most tactful, but holy crap will you ever stop ■■■■■■■■ about us without even tagging us or even making even the slightest effort to make this a mutual conversation instead of a public whine fest? You know exactly why it got shut down, you just want to see yourself complain. I cant even imagine why.


For the record,like 8 postswere hidden. Stop acting like yoy see eveything when you dont. If you arent staff, you dont see deleted posts. You are so mean to us every day an we just put up with it. But seriously, stop. It isn’t some crusade for justice, just you picking on the 4 volunteers who spend hours a day making sure everyone here has a safe place to socialize.