Why was I in hospital for 6 long months?

Looking back it’s quite shocking really. i was first admitted for depression and some mildly psychotic stuff -feeling split between the sane me and the ritualistically suicidal me. But within a couple of weeks my depression was on the mend, and I was no longer a danger to myself let alone to others. The official excuse for keeping me there for half a year was that they wanted to find the right medication for me. They never did but eventually, having grown weary of each other, we all decided to settle for latuda. Has anyone had such a ridiculous experience with the health mental system?

I wish when I had my suicide attempt they would have kept me there off meds or on a low dose and tapered me off hmmm 6 months wouldn’t bother me but They gave me meds right away and let me out and I went off them and didn’t go to doctors appoints and stuff I might have been better off if they never prescribed meds who knows

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Psychiatrists have lied to me so many times :joy: I got what I wanted though just 1 pill and I caught them in so many lies that they tell the truth now

Psychiatrists used to give lobotomy’s I always have that in the back of my mind when talking to them


Yea, both times I was admitted to psych ward they kept me a bit over 4 months.

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