Why was I diagnosed

I had insight and wasnt convicted

What do you mean by ‘why was I diagnosed?’

Asking why and trying to redo the past doesn’t do you any good. The fact is, you WERE diagnosed and you just have to live with it.

I could sit around and ask “why did I get schizophrenia” over and over again but it doesn’t help anything. What’s done is done.

Diagnosing others is just something that’s done.
Usually it’s a way for communication between medical professionals and for insurance purposes.

You were convinced your mum was trying to poison you no?

Did you have other delusions too before being diagnosed?

Yes, she did. I remember one where she thought demons were after her.

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I wish I did not have schizophrenia too but you have to come to a point where you just accept it, take your meds and move on. You should be glad you’re diagnosed. If you weren’t you’d just be running around unmedicated with all kinds of psychosis.

Whats wrong with being unmedicated when my case is mild

What do you mean demons were after you,? @Bowens mentioned this unusual belief of yours

I would disagree with your assertion that your case is mild. And apparently your doctors do too. They have you on Clozapine right? That’s the strongest AP.

It was an intrusive thought

Yeah but a really low dose (100mg now)

A quote from your own old thread about the demons:

“Do you realise I got a sign from God!! It’s not some cuckoo gone crazy delusional ■■■■■■■■”

Do you really want to go back to that?

no i don’t but i doubt itll happen again

I hate taking meds too @Crystal-Cotton . So I really do understand where you are coming from. I just don’t see what choice we have given the alternative of psychosis.

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I’m really weak right now- I don’t have much energy to respond back fully but we don’t get a choice to decide which disorder we get dxed or not.

What matters is the work you do to recover.


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