Why they say I need to live in supported living once I turn 18

I want to live alone

Get stable and you’ll live alone

i wish that was easy

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I think there are many here who have had a really positive experience living in a group home. There are plenty who say the support is worth it.

Have you ever lived alone? It can be very tough…

Nope I’m 17 they took me in custody at age 15

Are you going on benefits once you turn 18 or are you planning to work? Or is someone going to fund further studies?

I’m not capable of studying or working as of now according to my doc

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At least you’ll have ample time to develop some hobbies or maybe to volunteer.

It’s difficult to get by on your own if you’re unable to work so maybe assisted living is from a financial perspective maybe not the worst option.

When do you become 18?

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Next January so theres time

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Best move I ever made to live in supported living. I’m very happy here.

whats it like? I wish I could have my own apartment at the least

Would love to live in Supported Living if I had the option.

I see. Don’t you value freedom?

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Well, it would be more freedom than living at home with my mum at 36.

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