Why the women are forcing me off this site

Selective comments to creative people

Flippant comments meant to gang up on me

Only men engage in my comments

Indirect slams about talking too much

Not caring if I’m here or not

Calling me when I have an opinion too aggressive

Then asking why I said that about women on the site

Hahaha can i laugh?

I’m sorry you feel like you’re being forced off. I’m guessing your issue with me is the first one?

If so, I apologize. I do tend to skim everything but the shortest posts in Creativity. I read the forum on my phone and get a headache trying to follow longer things.

I also rarely listen to music posted or watch videos, it isn’t just longer poetry and prose.

Is it only me noticing wonderdunk’s …um…specialness ?

direct quote from Sarad, and she knows I’m on the private thread, and she knows that this guy and me have been connecting, it’s meant to rally something there,

don’t trust her at all.

Are you sure you’re not projecting something onto the women on this site. I don’t think anybody on here would try to force you off. Even if it was true, why worry about it? They can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.

rally all the women on this stupid private thread to object to him, what, because I like him?

she won’t answer me.

Minni is calling me a bully for asking Sarad to explain herself.

ah, yeah.

I’m the only one accountable for my words, and where I post and who I support,

no one else is.

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thanks, Pixel.

you let me be here. Maybe it wasn’t the best call.

That’s a nice word for it. Reading his posts provides me with excellent motivation to keep taking my meds as directed. I like standing on solid ground, thank you very much. No one is forcing you off this site. You are picking up messages that no one has sent, once again. Sounds like you are sliding towards a relapse. Hope you will be talking to your doctor soon.


ah huh, over 15 people a day on the site here talking about voices,

And Sarad calls out Wonderdunk.

well, I’m not that too far gone Pixel to see something wrong.

Okay, will go have a look in a bit. Checking the boards in between photographing races. Oh, and eating a steak and mushroom pie from a local food vendor, which is outstanding. Sometimes we need to get out of this virtual community and go have some fun in the real one away from our keyboards and touch screens. :slight_smile:

Hope you are sticking around and feeling better, okay?

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Pixel, wait don’t leave!

I want to tell you what I think it is!

when I go into doctor my blood pressure is so low they can barely find a pulse


rh negative blood

when my blood pressure rises, it doesn’t help, but it’s natural.
I can’t help it.


I have Rh- blood and low blood pressure, too!

I had trouble getting discharged from the hospital postop once because my blood pressure was low enough that I should have been unconscious. I was up and kicking just fine though.

@daze If you have concerns about something said in a private thread, I would recommend that you handle it in the private thread or send a PM to @velociraptor or @szadmin about your concerns. If you bring up the private conversation on the main forum, you run the risk of inadvertently hurting the feelings of the person who is (unknowingly) apparently the topic of conversation in the private thread. Just something to consider. Take care.

Private thread issues have to be handled by @SzAdmin. I don’t have permission to view private conversations, which is probably a good thing.

Daze, daze, if I wanted to imply something mean, why would I post it where you can read it :slight_smile:
Calm down, K?
Peace :v:


Yea, I hear ya. I’m not on any private threads and I’m gonna keep it that way. :smile: