Why sz patients develop addictions

Neither normal volunteers nor patients find antipsychotics pleasant; in both populations they are associated with a plethora of unpleasant subjective effects, captured under the rubric of “neuroleptic-induced dysphoria,” “decreased motivational drive,” or “neuroleptic-induced deficit state” (102–104, 144–146). These side effects may be the other edge of the fundamental mechanism of antipsychotics—dampened salience. A high salience of the objects and ideas that one loves and desires is the important force that drives humans and their social interactions (70). It is quite conceivable that the same mechanism (i.e., dampened salience) that takes the fire out of the symptoms also dampens the drives of life’s normal motivations, desires, and pleasures. Obviously, the effects are not symmetrical, i.e., drugs do not dampen normal saliences to the same degree they dampen aberrant saliences, yet I know of no drugs that selectively and exclusively affect one and not the other in animals (37, 43, 53, 114, 147–152). Perhaps this dampening of pleasurable drives is why patients with schizophrenia have a much higher incidence of drug abuse, self-medication, and other ways of overcoming this dampening (153–155). Finding a way around this quandary may not be simple. Until one finds something qualitatively different about the anatomy, physiology, or pharmacology of the circuits subserving appetitive versus aversive salience, it may be difficult for biological therapies to exclusively dampen one and spare the other.

So drink more coffee and exercise more to restore the dopamine fire.

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I think alot of the time it’s just trying to cope with sz or sza or really anything honestly

Another reason I think is that they feel alone and try to fill a void but I think that falls under coping


Yes, globally joy is a virtue. So people feel they have to be happy at all costs to be good people. So sometimes they turn to drugs in hopelessness.

Addiction can be beat, you just need to reach out for help.

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Bc of Clozapine,abused substances that make you high…

With years go by,need is zero…

o for real? clozapine helps kick addiction habits? What about erasing sexual function, and positive addictions like exercise and work?

I read AP’s kill dopamine chemical

Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter and hormone . It plays a role in many important body functions, including movement, memory and pleasurable reward and motivation. High or low levels of dopamine are associated with several mental health and neurological diseases

My addiction was linked to my childhood trauma and I started self medication for many years and only stopped when I reached the age of 59

I don’t know how mine started, I just realized I had to end them before they ended me.

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