Why some users use the word "Ap's" instead of Aps in plural?

:crazy_face: 666/999

They do it with other words too. Plural made by adding apostrophe

I think proper grammar and spelling is less important to some people,

Especially when you’re writing a lot and quickly.

For example,

I have an English degree and make mistakes constantly.

Do I care?

No, it’s just a forum.

I’m not getting a grade for this.


Are you referring to me :smile:

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No I don’t refer to you,Wave. I see it all the time

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So, what’s the right plural?

I keep seeing people misspelling words and using words that don’t exist.

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Yes, plural is right,

Not possessive.

APs I guess would be the right abbreviation.


im guilty of that. But i just type away anyway.

Theres too many Spelling Nazis on youtube that get on my tits as well. (Not you lol)

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Here in America tits has a completely different meaning :smile:


Yeah sorry - its one of my favourite sayings, i should quit it. As in “getting on your proverbial tits” - i swear i got it off the wife - she was always saying it lol.


Typically acronyms are treated the same as other words so APs would be the plural of AP.

However, for abbreviations containing periods, an apostrophe is typically used before the “s” for the plural (e.g., the plural of M.D. would be M.D.'s mainly because M.D.s would look odd and potentially be confusing).

With that said, I think there is some flexibility in style associated with plurals of both acronyms and abbreviations, in terms of whether “s” or “'s” is used for the plural. I have seen it both ways.


In some languages other than English this is how you make some plurals. In my mother tongue we have the same word for ‘paprika’ as in English. But we would write paprika’s as a plural whereas in English it would be paprikas. This is easy to mess up for me. Over here the rule is if the pronunciation of a word ends with a vowel the plural becomes 's and if not just an added s - or it could be a different plural form all together.

“Tarzan of the Aps”

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