Why some people when they succeed

stop saying ‘hello’ to you, this has happened to me often, have they become too proud?

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I think it has more to do with preoccupation. Having to spend all their time and focus on sustaining success means they have less time to think of other things. With more money, comes more problems as they say.

While I may have lost some friends, I have made new friends who are not so high in the social ladder, lose some friends, gain new friends.

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Can I ask what country you are from?

I live in Finland, I have been here 14 years after my America stay and world travels. It is still cold in the mornings, but in the afternoon it is warmer. I live in my birth town.

Ahh interesting. I was beginning to think you were from an Asian country considering previous comments and your picture. It just seems that you are well cultured then.