Why some people have certain delusions?

i was just thinking when i read the voices in my head thread why some people develop certain paranoias or delusions.

i get voices from demons and angels and god.

but i also get paranoia and voices from government and the whole cia/nsa/fbi/trilateral commission/bilderbergs/etc thing.

my dad was bornn in the 40s and talks a lot about government and i think thats how i latched onto governmental paranoia. it started very innocent. my interests in my life took a total 180. i was into arts and music. i denounced any math or science. and then when i hit my second psychotic episode (Which seems to have never ended) i started reading philosophy and religious books and books and movies about government. and science. now i have a fascination with numbers and government conspiracies. and religion and such that i explained.

i dont care to call my “delusions” delusions because i truly dont believe they are so.
…if that makes any sense…

I wasn’t raised in a religious household and that type of thing wasn’t pushed on me. But, I always had religiosity and spiritual type of delusion like communication with the spiritual realm and god talking to me. No one else in my family is like that. Sometimes I wonder if it’s actually real.

I don’t know where my delusions of persecution came from. My parents do ordinary jobs, do not work for the government/public sector.
My delusions are so specific. That M15 are trying to discredit/ruin my life and that they want to prevent me from working.
Thankfully, I don’t have any voices right now.

that makes perfect sense, actually. My dad is very religious and he talks about possession and shtuff all the time. I actually used to think I was possessed by a demon, but I quickly stopped when I found out I had psychotic depression.

I’m curious to know what do they specifically tell you? I had delusions that the voices in my head were God… … I realized later on many things that they said God would have not said. I hope you find your peace.

Some delusions I have NO idea where they came from. Others I look back and say… “Oh, that’s why my head latched on to that and decided to torment me with it.” I’m sort of thinking I helped perpetuate one of my worst delusions. I’ve had a thing about kidnappers. The more I studied the M.O. of kidnappers the more I was sure everyone was a kidnapper.

Hallucinations are becoming the same way recently which is odd to me. That was one of the more random gifts from the head circus. Now that it’s following a theme or making sense is a little worrying. But there’s nothing I can do but ride it out.

Not really sure. Any delusions I have are not really rooted in things like politics or religion. I am very liberal, but that’s not a delusion. I also pretty rarely realize something is delusional unless I research the past and talk to other people who were around at the time of an event, etc. i’m pretty self aware, but not when it comes to this.

I’ve had a lot of delusions that changes through time, about demons, angles, government, war, apocalypse, aliens, monsters, about people, about my family members, and especially about my dad…which it does hurt the most…I think I know where they come from, a story that triggers my subconscious mind and get it obsessed to the degree that it considers it a threat and starts making possibilities about it happening…
It doesn’t really matter where they come from, what matters is how to get rid of them ? that’s the question…!